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Hi all, Is there any exit/BADI which can throw an error message if a PO is being created against a PR which had no release strategy associated with it? Basically I have to prevent creation of PO if a PR has been created such that no release strategy [More]
i combined multiple pdf's together to make one package.  The forms had text field in each of them, when i combined them i tried to add text to the blank spots and the info autofilled from page one on to all of the pages.  I do not want this to happen [More]
This is something that I've been able to do without a problem in the past and now something has happened where it no longer works.  When I insert a picture either into a new blank file or onto another picture and then click on the new picture to resi [More]
Hi Gurus, no probs to open a XLS file via       CREATE OBJECT grc_excel 'EXCEL.APPLICATION'.       SET PROPERTY OF grc_excel  'VISIBLE' = 1.       CALL METHOD OF grc_excel 'WORKBOOKS' = grc_wbook. Open Workbook       CALL METHOD OF grc_wbook 'Open'   [More]
I can't upload pictures to Facebook Pages albums with my IPad Mini 3. I've tried safari too and the basic uploader doesn't work. I can add photos to the wall but I need to put them in albums for my BoutiquIt is peculiar, that Chrome, Safari, and Skyp [More]
When I try to download the Photoshop trial at I get the error "Safari cannot open the specified address ......because MacOSX doesn't recognize addresses starting with "aam"" M [More]
I am rendering interview footage with two people in front of two keyed images. I shot all the footage 30fps on my Sony v1u. When rendering one of the keyed interview images is pixelating for one frame at seemingly random locations. The latest time it [More]
I just got the trail and 'tried' the Photoshop CC (2014) but I don't know how to open it now. I'm not finding any buttons or folders to open it.What OS? On a Windows x64 system, for example, you can drag a shortcut for this executable to the desktop: [More]
Hi, I have install Oracle WebCenter Sites and using eclipse juno Version: Juno Service Release 2 Build id: 20130225-0426. I have successfully integrated eclipse with webcentre sites but i am not able to set Sites Developer References. When [More]
I have a disc of Creative Cloud 6. Acrobat Pro does not work. I have used the other programs and they are fine, but when I try to open Acrobat Pro nothing happens. I am using Microsoft System 7.what's creative cloud 6?  do you mean cs6? what version [More]