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Hi All. I have a request that has baffled me. I need a way to use 'text' to describe the results of a report. If I were doing a simple report, this would be a non-issue. Here are my hurdles: I have a report that uses a Union via Set Operations (so I' [More]
Hi , I need to display subtotals of quantity fields in my output of report ,with corresponding production order by using ALV container,Layout default seetings won't work here because user has to do many operations such as sorting filtering etc ,after [More]
I bought Creative suite 5 a few years ago, my computer's hard drive failed, after It was fixed I re installed my program and it now says my Serial number is not valid. I'm on the last day of a 30 day trail... it won't take my serial number which is t [More]
Hi all, hope you can help me. When previewing a book i have in development, the section headings turn red from the blue i've previously set. I'm very new to using iBA and an iPad 2, so i'm assuming it's something i've overlooked. Be grateful if someb [More]
I just got my new iMac Intel yesterday. It wants me to hook up a firewire cable between it and my old G4 to transfer settings, etc. I would really like to do this because I have no idea how to set up internet access through Comcast. They sent a guy o [More]
I have 160gb of music on my Classic, 6th Gen (I think) I've just bought it. Is it possible for it to play my songs in a random order, one or two from different albums?To add to what Stonerock has mentioned, you can either create Playlists in your iTu [More]
i want to know that is it possible to put restiction for user to make sorting for posting date or any other Field in Query analyzer(Ms Excel )  after excuting the queryy ? i want restiction on sorting option of Ms excel . pls reply me soon.viral it d [More]
Hi Gurus, I am technical guy...Could you please suggest me how to populate the purchase organisation details(be_pur_org) which is of type bbps_sc_app_item. The problem is while creating normal shopping cart template it is displaying the vendor and in [More]
Hi All,    In existing purchase orders, i like to add two text lines to the last line item in the tab 'Texts'.    First i have to read the text lines for the last item.  Then i have to add lines to the item.  Would anyone know what bapi to make the t [More]
what is communication log?tell me plzHi Darsh, Can you pls be more specific and detial on this question of yours? Regards, AravindRead other 2 answers [More]