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HELLO EVERYONE, PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME... My computer: Mac OS X (10.3.9) had froze, couldn't force quit..and i forced started it by holding the power button. Restarted it, came on: the grey-screen and apple, spinning-gear...satayed like that long tim [More]
I have a mid-2012 11" Macbook Air and a USB Superdrive. I am trying to use Boot Camp Assistant but it is not letting me proceed. With the Superdrive plugged and Windows 7 (full version) DVD in the drive, I get the message "No USB Drive" – & [More]
I need to know how to reset my security questions so I can use my money from a gift card?You need to contact Apple to get the questions reset. Click here, phone them, and ask for the Account Security team, or fill out and submit this form. (94644)Rea [More]
i've a pretty busy server, fully configured with correct DNS. running 10.6.8, uptodate. i've stopped the ical service, and removed it from the server settings. then i created a folder on my RAID /volumes/raid/ical, set its ownership to _calendar:_cal [More]
Hi, I need obtain instance vars from BusinessProcess, but i can't find the method for this operation. Can some one give me answers about this problem? Thank you...You have to use the PAPI api inside the designer. You have to do something like this: I [More]
Hi all, I have used below select single * query as shown : I have data in my table S022 as shown below, it has 2 records for material and aufnr combination : WERKS  ARBPL    kapar    MATNR                AUFNR       w1        ar1        004          [More]
Has anyone found a solution to the crash that happens with using Photoshop CS5 and 10.6.4 Snow Leopard. I just bought a Macbook Pro --changed from a PC and have problems with CS5 and Pages, Numbers crash all the time. So far I am not impressed with t [More]
Hi!  (new here, so hello all!) I have been using R&R on my T420 (Windows 7, 64-bit) for a while now, carefully backing up my C:\ to an external USB drive every few weeks, or when I install something major.  I had 29 backups on the disk.  The disk is [More]
To use Adobe Dynamic Link with After Effects is required Adobe Production Premium How can I fix this problem? I have CS5.5 Master CollectionSo after reinstalling all the Ap did it fix the dynamic Link issue? What was the solution. It appears that ava [More]
I've used this feature for a long time, but now it no longer works. Every time I try to invoke it, the program crashes. Other features seem to work fine, but the landscape panorama does not. I've tried repairing the installation, I've uninstalled/rei [More]