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What are the preconditions to use numbers in the Browser?

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Is it enough to have an Apple ID or do I need to buy at least one Numbers Version (Mac  or iOS)vidlogar wrote: No, but that doesn't mean this won't change in the future. Please read the FAQ: Q: Do I need to own iWork for iOS or iWork for Mac to have[More]

i'm trying to make a socket connection send an email - i have code that works when you don't have to go through a proxy server but i can't make it pass the proxy server. import*; import*; import java.util.*; public class Mail publi [More]
    Hi Does anyone know if it is possible to order an iPhoto book in different sizes? We have just created an iPhoto book and we would like to order it in large and extra large but when you click Buy Book it loads the original option selected. I know [More]
My mail server has stopped working, and I can't figure out why. This is a brand new MacMini with the latest Maverics Server (preinstalled) that I just setup last month. (We migrated from an Xserve running 10.6.) Up to this point, mail has worked flaw [More]
Hello i developped a flow between a BW sytstem to an EBD system via XI. in EBD the message should be integrated in a specific IDOC linked to a message and a MF. IDX1 and IDX2 are customized in XI In the receiver system partner profiles and distributi [More]
hello experts, please suggest  me a solution for the following problem : I have an internal table with some data. how can i create an excel file with that data in Presentation Server. Thanks & Regards sasi.hi,     u can use FM: 'DOWNLOAD'. it will pr [More]
I have a big problem, we have an integration that is CRM -> XI <-> WS. For server problems, legacies down the services (WS) at night, but a user can perform some process conectarce and in that time. The problem is that all messages fall and these [More]
Hi, Just wondering how do you pull out the previous moving average price for a goods return? We have scenario in which business want the valuation of the return to pick up the moving average price base on the relevant previous goods issue transaction [More]
I have a Panasonic Lumic DMC FZ35 camera which can take videos in jpeg hd (720p) 30 fps.  What would be the appropriate preset?There is no perfect setting for that video. It's not the best stuff for editing. (The camcorder is pretty made for shooting [More]
Hello Sir, I am from India. I have a N73 ME. When i am trying to update device firmware over the air, with configured server profile, it says "Authentication failed, please check server id/password" I triple checked the settings, and found them [More]
Hi, Anyone who is having this issue. I have 2 MacBooks ( white body late 2007) upgraded with Snow Leopard and later updtaes of Snow Leopard up to 10.6.8. Now I have bought Mac OS X Lion, and I ghave tried to load Lion onto these machines without any [More]