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On my iPhone 5s I have previously synced several thousand photos from selected folders on my mac to the iPhone. Over time a great deal of these have become "stuck in memory" on the iPhone, many of them even as duplicates. I have found no way of [More]
Hi,    I am getting the below mentioned exception when trying I get into the UWL page. This exception is coming only for some of the users. The users having super admin role does not get this exception. I think this has got to do something with the p [More]
I"m having trouble with keeping dreamweaver cc trial on my pc when I restart it. I download the trial and all is well. everything runs great untill i restart. Then it tells me i dotn have permission to access the file etc. I have to unistall and then [More]
Hello everyone, We have automated reports printing as it directly goes to network printers when user press some key in form. Till here it is working fine. But while printing it is considering previous print settings. What's wrong? do anybody faced an [More]
Hi, I have a byte[] and I am trying to save it to a file.....such as a tar.gz or .zip file..... how would I do that? I have taken the byte[] and made a string, and then saved it ...but i think this would be different right? thanks.public static Input [More]
I used Dragon Naturally Speaking for years on my PC.  Switched to an IMac.  Dragon for Mac leaves a lot to be desired - training, recognizing, editing.  Any suggestions about how to improve performance or other voice recognition software for Mac user [More]
I have put a mac on my network in my office I want my employee's e-mails that they send to be automatically sent to me. Is this possible?  I can set a per folder reading pane in Outlook 2013. Its a little weird, you have to sort of toggle it off and [More]
why do my apple ID cant sign in to iTunes?We are fellow users here on these forums, we won't know why - if you give some info as to what happens when you try to sign in (e.g. do you get any error messages ?) and where you are trying to sign in (on a [More]
i have captured an image from the camera and now i want to add some png icons on that image these png icons are in the list,i want to select an icon and place it on the desired location on image, will any one guide how can i start with that thx in ad [More]
Folks: Seeing the news that Lion will only be an online download through the App store prompted me to test out both 10.6.7 combo and 10.6.8 combo on external HD.  Based upon the problems reported here about issues with fonts in PDFs created great tre [More]