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Hi, all I am using WS_EXCEL to output a interntable to excel file.( filename will be input on dynpro). the file will be created. the Problem is, everytime i run the following codes, 1. the file content is not well formated is poor, words in the colum [More]
Hello, Can you please tell me the logic of billing in a stock transport order between plants belonging to the same company code? Is billing mandatory and whats the use/advantage? Sincerely, KetanSTO can be for SD and MM WITH SD: if the machine parts [More]
hi all, Does anybody know is that sap B1 2007 B certification is still on., heard its outdated and now on only sap B1 8.8 certification  will be there.,  Because i have just finished the course on SAP B1 2007B in Banglore India., and Still didn't get [More]
Hello all, Lenovo Service and Support Training site has added an additional feature to the site which is viewing videos on how to replace FRU parts I've tested it on the iPhone which I think is pretty helpful to watch the video on how to replace the [More]
I have a public facing site that uses a DIV, containing an iFrame, to display a virtual site, in a jQuery dialog window, when the user clicks a link. For both IE and Chrome, when the user gets to a page that is longer than the dialog dimensions the d [More]
Hello everyone! I have W530 and I am very happy with it. But I have a small problem w GPU throtling. It appears in FurMark on AC power, with Lenovo TurboBoost+ activated, stock lenovo drivers and Windows 7 x64 PRO. FurMark says 'core 745 MHz (THROTTL [More]
I am signed in to my wifes iphone and it has been stolen. Tried tracking it with find my iphone, but it doesn't show up in my devices. She doesn't have  a separate id. Any ideas why or what I could do to make it would be greatly appreciated.It was st [More]
Hi, [opening a new thread as other two threads is tagged with solved]  I am from India, I buyed this phone in month of August 2011. I had problems with this phone from the day one. I have chosen to Nokia ahead of Samsung and Micromax just because of [More]
Hello, We use SRM to post GRN in SAP R/3. Some of the users doing GRN in SRM exsist in the backend while some don't. That is they don't have SU01 data in the backend. One of the users doing GRN in SRM has SUO1 data in the backend(please note there ar [More]
I use ical - 10.6.7 - and this week got two thursdays in a week - and no saturday. Only in week view. Tried to backup calendar and restore - still two thursdays. And inconsistency in events the following days. What can I doI believe this is going to [More]