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After i update to Mac OS 10.9.5, i find out that some of the program in Utilities; can't open it; such as Bluetooth File Exchange, Boot Camp Assistant, Console, Keychain Access, System Information and VoiceOver Utility. I don't know why this happen. [More]
Whenever I lock my screen on my mac (by closing the lid) the login screen I see on reopening my computer is a faded version of my desktop image (which is normal, and fine) however when I close my laptop while it's in fullscreen mode (when I'm using a [More]
I'm shwoing a step by step process on how I did a photoshop piece, and I want to have a simple flash swf that goes through each of the screenshots at the viewer's pace, by them clicking. I wasn't even thinking so complicated as to include forward/bac [More]
I have an X230 that is hooked up to a Thinkpad Mini dock and connected to dual monitors. The laptop sits with the screen lid closed on the docking station. I am connected to a wireless network in my house. I have a 25 MBps Comcast connection. I have [More]
Hi All, I need help on the following - I am running Min-Max planning to create WIP jobs. I want to - 1: Default WIP Start Date to Current Date. Currently WIP completion date is defaulted to current date. This causes WIP Start Date in Past Due which i [More]
Hey guys, I had this working in Solaris 11 but I have to port back to Solaris 10 to run SunOS 4 binaries. Here goes, I can su over to the accounts in the LDAP, it resolves names and groups to files. DNS and NTP are functioning. I cannot log -in via s [More]
Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to use the scroll wheel in list boxes? LABview (6i under windows 98) does support the use in diagrams, for instance on case statements, but it does not appear to do much on the front panel apart from scrolling th [More]
n-s-d, see the JavaMail FAQ for instructions on connecting to GMail.Hi Raj, Go to System Administrator > System Configuration > Knowledge Management > Content Management > Global Services > Mailing Service and make active option true, then [More]
i can't watch some videos from the web, it tells me that i need the latest version of adobe flash player, and i have installed already , but still  the same problem. specially with youtube videos.What is your operating system & browser? What is your [More]
hi all, i have String form=req.getParameter("form")==null?"":req.getParameter("form"); String FileName =form.substring(form.lastIndexOf("\\")+1, form.length()); I can get the FileName correctly File file; FileInputS [More]