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Hey guys, first of all I would like to say sry, if my english isn't propper enough and lacks sometimes. I'm from germany...but anyway, here's my problem. ;-) I have an 21,5 inch iMac mid 2011 with an intel i5, 4gb memory, AMD Radeon HD 6750 512 mb an [More]
Greetings Experts! I am trying to convert legacy code to Unicode for a current ERP6.0 reinstallation and have encountered the syntax error "DMBTR" must be a character-type field (data type C,N,D or T) The field is part of a structure and the fie [More]
I am giving my laptop to my daughter. I deleted history and emptied cache. Yet if she were to type the letter 'c', an adult site I have visited pops up - WITH MY USERNAME AND PASSWORD ALREADY TYPED IN! This gives her full access to my adult activity [More]
I have an Oracle database which has crashed due to disk failure & there is no backup. on the disk that failed there is one rollback datafile so I was hoping to be able to just drop this datafile & the related tablespace & recreate on [More]
Want to make an SQL request to database table and ruturn data back to XI. Flow:   SAP BW--rfc-> XI -jdbc request for data->  SAP BUS ONE            SAP BW<----rfc--- XI  - jdbc return results--   SAP BUS ONE 1. XI-- request -- from> SQL Table  [More]
Hi to all! Is it possible to force DocumentBuilderFactory to use default platform implementation? It's neither possible to change system property in applet nor write a file in lib directory. ThanksIs it possible to force DocumentBuilderFactory to use [More]
Hello, I have a table named RASTER that contains 167,958 georasters. I have a table named RR_RDT that contains the blocks for the georasters. There are 65,284 georasters that have "content" and the remaining georasters are blanks that were gener [More]
Hello! I 'm trying to create a text file on server from an applet, i have permissions to write on server and i'm running in apache, my code is public void write () { try{ URL url = new URL("http://localhost/bnm/hello.txt"); URLConnection urlcon [More]
My wife and I have been sharing a folder in /Users/Shared that contained 5 iphoto libraries. All of a sudden, one day her user rights to access the iphoto library folder with all 5 libraries is gone. She gets an error that the iphoto library is locke [More]
how do I access the "cookies' on my computerAfter deleting cookies from within Safari, quit the application immediately; otherwise they may come back from the dead.Read other 3 answers [More]