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Hi, On a Macintosh, files do not have suffixes (.pdf, .xls or .doc, etc ...) to identify the application that created the file. How can I open a file on my iPhone if there is no suffixes ? Thanks in advance.You're welcome. The files on your Mac inclu [More]
I'd like to add the contact us form to my personal website. Is there a way to generate the html code to add to Dreamweaver? And can I add some type of security feature?Yes, you can embed a form into your web site and this document talks about how to [More]
I have an issue where my Lightroom seems to display images correctly but once it sends them to the printer they get cropped differently. I did some digging around with the numbers and came to the conclusion that this is probably a bug or a feature th [More]
Hi All, I am facing one problem in PR Item text. The issue is,when we attach a component to network activity,we have an option to maintain item text for the component.If the procurement type is PR+Reservation,we'll get PR no from CJ20N.System is disp [More]
No matter what cables I try, I can not get into a 3005 CVPN - any ideas of what connectors I need? Thank youyou need a straight through serial connection. you can use a regular straight through patch cable and with the db9 terminal adapters on both e [More]
Hi, I want to read a CSV file that is in a folder in UNIX box. I dont have an ODBC DSN , how can I read it ? Thanks in Advance JyotiI am reading it from harddisk but I dont want to parse the CSV. I am using the following code- String dbUrl = "C:\\pl\ [More]
i have my java j2sdk1.4.2_04 installed in the root of c: i have j2re1.4.2_03 installled in the following location C:\Program Files\Java i installed the java3d-1_3_1-windows-i586-opengl-sdk package, and when it asked for my install directories, it aut [More]
I am importing AVCHD SHOT AT 60i. I have imported as AVCHD -1080i- 60i, works fine,yellow render line. I have also tried AVCHD -1080P-30fps. Also works fine,needs rendering. Shouldn't the AVCHD 1080i-60i be correct? They look too close in quality in [More]
Since updating to 10.4.8 (if updating is the correct term) have had nothing but problems with: The Update-download-install and use of 10.4.8 Still cannot download anything..all downloads are incomplete... This was never a problem with all previous op [More]
i have just installed the new itunes and when i double click to load it up a box comes and says " Itunes has encountered a problem and needs to close, we are sorry for the inconvenience" Please Help.This happened to us to alot- just keep clickin [More]