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Hi All, I developed one oaf page.that page move to production. i already move to produection but its not working fine. its throw an error. plz tell me what is the steps follow when move to production. oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAException: Applicatio [More]
I had an Apple ID for my iPad.  Then my husband got an iPhone.  We were advised to use one Apple ID.  Now, we wish we had our own separate ID's. How do we go about this? I have the iPad 4 and he has iPhone 5.See this doc for "all " about id http [More]
I have two Itune libraries one on my home computer and one on my laptop.  I have been able to download one library to my IPhone (home computer) but not the other.  How can I merge these two so I can use both computers or can I????  Help!  I called my [More]
Hi , In LSMW , while executing the specify file step, logical file name and path is mandatory field to entry, but in some of other LSMW objects, these fields are not mandatory one, i want to know is it possible for me to do hide the logical file name [More]
can you just move a hard drive to another macbook pro.As Shootist states - No and Yes. I just actually did that the other day.  My newer MacBook died on me.  So I took that drive out and installed in my older 2009 Macbook Pro and it works. I however, [More]
Hi, I made a query to calculate the average number of days of payment for a customer using the journal transactions: +SELECT AVG((DateDiff(DD, JDT1.DueDate, JDT1.MthDate))) FROM OJDT INNER JOIN JDT1 ON OJDT.TransId = JDT1.TransId LEFT JOIN ORCT ON OJ [More]
Hi all, I have to take my MacBook Pro to the repair shop to get a speaker replaced. When I filled out the paperwork for the repair, the tech asked me to write down my login password. My computer has two accounts set up: my main user account (with my [More]
Hi I am a Media Students student doing a work project and some of the video I want to edit is on DVD RW small cds. When I try to import them it won't work, usually it freezes or it won't let me select them to add them to my project. They are from a C [More]
I just purchased Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 & Adobe Premiere Elements 11 (combo) and got two serial numbers. When downloading both numbers were rejected. Why?no serial number is needed to download adobe products. did you mean you have a problem when [More]
Dear Sir I have a problem with my note book (Mac pro). when I turn on my note book it is very slow. I have to waite for long time I don't know what happen. how should I do? yours.If you have a non-retina MBP then the noise is part of tye OSX startup [More]