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wat is error 2005wen restoring ipad


HT1222 error 14 restore ipad 2 GSM iOS 5.1.1

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error 14 restore ipad 2 GSM iOS 5.1.1I spoke to Apple Tech Support. They were very helpfull and resolved the problem. First I was told to put into airplane mode for 15 seconds then go back to problem. That didnt help but apparently this solves lots o[More]

Not able to restore ipad .. error 14

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I gave my ipad ( WIFI + 4G LTE , A1475 ) for a couple of days to my cousin as he had asked for it . When he returned it to me , I got to know that my ipad had been jailbroken . Since I did not want to risk my ipad , I connected it to Itunes and choos[More]

An unknown error occurred (-1) while trying to restore Ipad 3 new

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Happy iPad users, I may need some help from you please. I've got a problem with my iPad new 32 GB WiFi + 4G LTE. I bought it just recently in China and was using it for nearly one month without any issues. Then at some point i started getting synchro[More]

HT4623 I trying to update my iPad using iTunes. After connecting to MacBook Pro where is installed all latest software iPad is recognised as iPad, Serial Number: n/a. iTunes run recovery mode, trying to restore iPad firmware, and in the end unknown error

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There was some updayts for my iPad 4 automatically downloaded. After installing it, the iPad began to restart itself every few minutes. I tryed to update my iPad using iTunes. After connecting to MacBook Pro, where is installed all latest software, i[More]

Unknown Error Message (9) When trying to restore Ipad 1

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Hi, recently i purchased an iPad 1, and am having problems when trying to restore the device. I put it into restore mode as it was going to sync every app on itunes which i didn't want, so i had to try and set it up as a new ipad again. Now the ipad[More]

My ipad mini is stuck in dfu mode trying to restore it with ios 7.0.2 it completes the bar(restoring ipad software) then it gives me the ipad could not be restores. an unknown error occured(14)

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my ipad mini is stuck in dfu mode trying to restore it with ios 7.0.2 it completes the bar(restoring ipad software) then it gives me the ipad could not be restores. an unknown error occured(14)Are you using a valid Apple charger that came with the iP[More]

Hi guys. Just a quick one as it will bug me for ages if I keep trying to figure out why this wont work.. Basically, in dreamweaver when in code view and right clicking a certain image or file and trying to open it in the file-associated program.. It' [More]
Hi Experts, Could you please tell me what actions/functions we can do with Receiver JDBC Adapter as well as with Sender JDBC Adapter? Regards SaraHi sara In Receiver we will do the operations like INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE kindly follow these links http [More]
Another post with a well-known title. Believe me, I know. Here's my setup; - 1 Server 2012 WFE, SharePoint Server 2013, totally up-to-date, including the september 2014 hotfix - 1 Server 2012 DB, SQL Server 2012 Installed SP 2013 using PowerShell, wi [More]
Hi guys, I'd like to extend my current connection so that it reaches the two back bedrooms in the house. At the moment, we're lucky if we see one bar there. A friend spent a few hours this week trying to figure this out and finally gave up. Our inter [More]
When I am on the internet, videos, click-ons all open immediately. I had to go to the internet to get to your site, because when I clicked on the "Help" at the bottom of my Thunderbird account, it would not open. In a nutshell, if I get an email [More]
can someone please help me as its not letting me turn it on. i have tried to start it up pressing both buttons connecting to itunes and its not working still., it wont even charge or show apple icon anymore,You may not get a response as you are shout [More]
Im using thread and thread.start(). WHen sending an email I call thread.start to send so the user doesnt have to wait for the smtp server to respond and the email to be sent. Is this the correct way of doing it? All im looking to do is submit to batc [More]
I just purchased a new iMac. I would like to move all data (music, apps, etc.) from my iPhone to the new iMac - how do I do that? Also, I have an old iMac that is no longer working but was one of the 5 computers that I had authorized for sharing musi [More]
Hi, I have no idea how to ask this question properly. I am only designing this, not making it, so simple answers for me would be good, but also technical answers that I can pass on to the flash person. On my home page, I am going to have 3 images tha [More]
Hello together, following problem: I got a table called LOCATION_INFO which is defined: create table LOCATION_INFO LOCATION_ID VARCHAR2(40) not null, PLANT VARCHAR2(4) not null, PRODUCT VARCHAR2(3), AREA VARCHAR2(1), LINE NUMBER(10), STATION NUMBER(1 [More]