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Dear All, I am developing an application that calls a web service. My question is, is it possible for me to have my managed bean method be called when the we service soap response is returned? I wanted to basically inspect the SOAP envelope but curre [More]
I have no bars for about 45 minutes now. I cannot make phone calls or text messages. I do have wifi and it is working. What is causing me not able to make or receive calls??Is it only you or are there others in your area also having problems? If it i [More]
My database was starting automatically with linux startup... but I did some changes in NETWORK CONFIGURATION changed HOSTNAME: TEST from HOSTNAME: local.localdomain now again I reset its previous value to HOSTNAME: local.localdomain when I log off an [More]
Hi, I would like to add characteristics in the structure of a multiprovider. The problem is that the characteristics that I would like to add are not characterics in the infocubes of the multiprovider, there are just navigational attributes of the ch [More]
Hello, I am trying to create just a new local database. That is, so that it will reside on my computer. The only thing I know is how to connect an existing db and I don't have any DB-related softwares on my computer [just eclipse for java]. How can I [More]
I was running a trial version of photoshop elements 13 and after the 30 days, I decided to buy it. I bought the actual CD to put onto my mac computer. I am trying to install it now and the installation keeps failing. When I click on the error summary [More]
I got a new laptop for christmas and i want to transfer my iTunes library from my old comp. to it. Does anyone know how to do this?Theres afew different steps you can do, but basicly the easy way is to first consolidate the itunes Library in iTUnes o [More]
I downloaded Lion on the first day or release and it has been a very frustrating experience.  Today,  I reinstalled Lion hoping a fresh install would fix my woes but the problems persist. I'm in desperate need of advice and would appreciate any help [More]
I am in the middle of programming an inner class but I am having run-time errors with my set of try-catch nested blocks. It is supposed to turn all buttons four linear spaces away magenta, but there seems to be an error.                 protected Act [More]
I am looking for help with this question: After using iCal fine for about 8 months, I can no longer add notes under individual events. These same events DO show the notes in my iPhone after syncing with my computer. Any idea why? Thanks, HeyeFlierAct [More]