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what is an constant selection in BEX


Constant Selection in BEx Query Designer on BI7

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Hi guys According to this blog <a href="/people/prakash.darji/blog/2006/09/19/the-hidden-secret-of-constant-selection Selection</a>, we can create constant selection on both Characteristics and Key figures. I understand how to do it with res[More]

Constant selection and Reusability

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Hi Gurus, In BI 7.0,I am facing following problem. 1.I am using characteristic say ZSITE as constant selection and we use the data in a particular report. In Other report we are using ZSITE and expected to see different data but we are getting consta[More]

No values when using key figure with constant selection?

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Hi experts, I have built a Webi on top of a universe that is sitting on top of a Bex query. In my Bex query I have a bunch of key figures defined that are restricted on time and category. This Webi works fine. Then I added an additional key figure th[More]

Constant Selection in Restricted Key Figure

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Hi Gurus, I am using BeX 3.x and in one of the reports, we use a restricted key figure that has the Profit Center Object[restricted to a few Hierarchy Nodes] and a Key Figure. But there is an option called 'Constant Selection' that is selected in the[More]

Constant Select Problem

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Hi, all. In our project we faced with problem. We have global filter on query (like Char = 1), in query we use key figure what have restriction like Char = # and we select Constant Selection option on this restriction. But when we start query in Anal[More]

Wild Card Selection in BEX

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Hi Gurus, I am trying to use the wild cards in Query in  the selection screen . I have created a variable of type " Selection Option ". Now when I execute the report it is giving a box before the input box, and when I select * from that box and[More]

Constant Selection on MultiProvider is not working properly

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Hi All, We have a MP based on 2 DSOs, say DSO1 & DSO2. DSO1: Char 1, Char 2, Char 3 and KF1 DSO2: Char 1, Char 2, Char 4 and KF2. Now, I am creating a query by using constant selection. I have kept all chars in Rows pane and 2 KF in Columns pane. I h[More]

Constant selection in query designer

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hi guys please explain abut constant selection in query designer 7.oHi, For ex if you had designed a MP using the IC's and  DSO's in which if all the fields are not in common with both the info provides used in the MP you will get the results in 2 ro[More]

Problem with 0FIGL_VC1 when use constant selection in the query

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Please kindly help me. I have this problem for 2 weeks already. When I create a query from virtual cube 0FIGL_VC1 (balance sheets / p&l statements), if I use constant selection in any of key figure, my report could not display financial statment corr[More]

Constant selection and authorizations

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Hi, I've made a query for displaying some selected figures for our company's health and safety managers. The query is displayed with 0DF_FORCE in the rows as a hierachy and in addition to needing a role for displaying the query at all, the users are[More]

Constant Selections and Exception Aggregation

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Hi, Can You please tell me 1) what is constant selections? 2) what is Exception Aggregations? Thanks and Regards. Naresh.Hi, example for the use of standard aggregation and exception aggregation for a key figure is a key figure for the non-cumulative[More]

Constant selection issue

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Hi all, I have a request to create a query on a multiprovider and show characteristics that are only  in one of the 2 basic cubes as in the example: in cube a, I have the following data: Material    Sold-to  Bill_Number Qty A1415R   100123   600019  [More]

Constant selection in IP planning layout

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Hi everyone, I have a budget planning layout where I'd like to give the user the opportunity to display various planning versions side-by-side. I also want to include the previous year figures (pry). Since reference data might not exist at the time o[More]

Error with Constant Selection on Multiprovider

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Hi All, I have a MP, based on 1 IC and 2 DSOs. I have created a report like: KPI NO, KPI Decription on rows pane and KPI value in KF pane. KPI NO is available in all 3 infopro mentioned above.  KPI description is available only in one DSO. I have res[More]

Problem in constant selection

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Dear Experts, Continue with my previous thread, I have marked constant deletion option in purchase org and i am gettign values in single column. but i have 2 RKF or CKF  at infoprovider level 1. purchase value 2. purchase qty 3. rate = purchase value[More]

Cant use constant selection for ONE restriction in selection

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Hi, all BW70 SP8, BI Addon SP8 Rev 802. I cant use constant selection for ONE restriction in selection, i can set constant selection only for whole selection, but it fix value for all query. I need to fix only one character value. Is there a way of d[More]

Real Sum aggregation, when using Constant selection

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Hi, all! I have to infoproviders: Cube1 MATERIAL PLANT CALDAY FLAG KYF1 Flag - may be considered as attribute of MATERIAL x PLANT x CALDAY Cube2 MATERIAL PLANT CALDAY KYF2 I need to analyze next slice: FLAG MATERIAL KYF1 KYF2 Thus, I get next results[More]

Webi 4.1 SSO - Error at the selection of BEX query

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Hi experts, we have configured the SSO following the step described in the manual, but when we tried to select a BEX Query by OLAP connection in Webi, occur this error: Java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: com.businessobjects.sdk.core.server.Comm[More]

Provider Speicifc Properties on MultiCube and constant Selection in Query

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Hi Experts I are using BI 7.0, just upgraded to SP24 and having an issue with a MultiPrvider. All of this worked great before the upgrade. Here are the symptoms I am experiencing.  This MultiCube has 2 InfoObjects where "Provider-Specific Properties&[More]

Constant selection

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Hello, in query definition, where I can see if a characteristic has constant selection? Thanks, VitoHi Vito, If you are talking about Constant Selection as in this link:[More]

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