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Vendor Excise Details report

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Dear All, we required Vendor Excise Details Report,which maintain in J1ID.Like ECC no,Excise renge no,CSt , VAT no ,PAN no ...etc Regards, DishantCertain vendor excise details(chapter id,ecc no,excise regn) were available in J2I9 along with transacti[More]

Cancellation of   Vendor excise invoice

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Dear all Is it possible to cancel  Vendor excise invoice without reversing GR(Only Part 1 posted)? . If it is possible how we can do ?. Please suggest. Thanks and regards Srinivas.Hi, Without canceling the Material document number you cann;t cancel t[More]

Error while posting Vendor Excise Invoice

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Hi Balance in transaction currency Message no. F5702 Diagnosis A balance has occurred in transaction currency 'INR' with the following details: Exchange rate '00', amount '            18.16' and currency key 'INR'. The data in the transaction currenc[More]


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hello everyone, i have cancelled a GR with movt. type 102. now i want to cancel d vendor excise. for that when i am using t/code j1iex,selecting post,simulating CENVAT and while trying to post CENVAT it is giving error ACCOUNTING DOCUMENT NOT GENERAT[More]

Reversal of Vendor Excise Invoice

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Dear Experts,    After Vendor Excise invoice is posted through T-Code J1IEX (part 2 Postings), How to reverse the posted Document ,(literally speaking we need to reverse the postings made in that transaction similar to Movement 102 for 101) With rega[More]

Cenvat determination and vendor excise details are not checked in MIGO

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Hi experts, I have created one PO with Zero excise duty amounts (No excise duty) and following problem observed at the time of MIGO - System doesnt check any vendor excise details (excise indicator marked as ZERO in j1ID) even without entering excise[More]

J1id - Vendor excise details issue

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Hi All, When I create record in J1ID, for vendor excise. the "change on" fields should be auto populate, but this is not happening. This field doesnu2019t change automatically. I have to do manually. How can i change this, I need when i change r[More]

Maintain Vendor Excise details - MIGO error

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Hi all........ Im doing Stock transfer from one plant to another plant within a company code through stock transport order. I created STO in receiving plant, after the I created outbound delivery in VL10B and PGI in VL02N in supplying plant. With Pos[More]

J1ID vendor excise details mandatory

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Dear All                 is it possible to make mandatory in the fields Ecc no,PAN no,Vendor excise region,in J1id under vendor excise details is it possible in SAP standard field selection.. Regards Anand.Standard SAP does not provide this option ,[More]

Required Vendor Excise Details_J1ID_Creation Date & time

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Hi Experts, We have update Vendor Excise details in t code J1ID under vendor Excise details tab. We have required to Creation date (When Excise details update of particular Customer) Please help BK GAIKWADHi For Change date :- J_1IMOVEND-AEDAT For Ch[More]

Vendor excise details

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Hi, In which field we capture vendor’s TIN number. thanks and regardsHi You enter the data in J1ID -Vendor Excise Details - In the LST column enter the TIN No. Regards DevRead other 2 answers[More]

Vendor excise details in gr

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Dear Sap Experts,                               This is chandra shekar MM consultant,  i'm facing one problem is when i'm doing GR againest to the STO i'm getting error like maintain excise details for vendor and excise invoice to vendor , i have che[More]

Vendor excise details in J1ID

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for a factory which is not taking cenvat credit of their packing material but they are going to maintain chapter id for that material. is it necessery to maintain vendor excise details in t code j1id?Hi, Maintaing chapter ID of materials for their RG[More]

Is thr any std report to find vendor excise details

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Guru's is thr any std report to find vendor excise details like CST,LST,ECC no. Plz guide Thamks in advancego to SE16 enter table name J_1IMOVEND enter remove Maximum No. of Hits press F8 Shift+ F8 click spreed sheet give file name and select path sa[More]

Reversal of GRN,Vendor Excise Invoice,If QM is active.

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Dear Experts, Please guide me how to reverse the entry if....... MIGO (Part 1) done Usage Detail (UD) done/Not done J1IEX (Part 2) done MIRO done I did..... Created Raw material PO with Cenvatable tax code MIGO with capture excise invoice UD for insp[More]

Error in Posting of Vendore Excise Inv.

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Hi, I have been facing one error while posing of Vendor Excise Inv. against incoming materials using T.Code: J1IEX. When I try to post Excise Inv. against 'Vendor Excise Inv. / Internal Excise Inv.' I am getting Error msg "All Part I entries have bee[More]

Accounting dcoument for vendor excise invoice

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Hi, Here While posting vendor excise invoice ,there is no accounting doc generated.But when i saw the details,i found the doc post date is 23/2/2010 and vendor exicse invoice year is 2009.So please suggest me over thsi matter.1.check your tax code co[More]

How to make vendor excisable?

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I am Running Subcontracting STO. My customers want after PGI .he wants challan to be created and after that MIGO should be done. If I tried to do MIGO I am getting error likeu2014Vendor is not excisable. How to make vendor excisable? Thx Seegalhii Fo[More]

Exact method of Cancellation of Incomeing Vendor Excise Invoive

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Dear CIN Experts , There is a lot of unclariy in my mind regarding the cancellations & reversals in case of CIN related document. My client posted a GR with Capture only excise & hence part 1 entries were made . After this he posted the vendor exc[More]

Vendor Excise Invoice

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Hello Sap Guru, When I post Vendor Excise Invoice through J1EX , the error massage is Balance in transaction currency? How I can resolve.? Thanks in advance. NehaDear, Your base currency & transaction currecny must be same. You have to assign same cu[More]

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