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Hi, I am using SQL Navigator 5.5 Standard Edition. Please tell how to load a flat file using this tool. Edited by: user637544 on 24-Jun-2009 01:14So? Toad : Not an Oracle product, but a Quest product Sql Navigator: Not an Oracle product, but a Quest [More]
hi friends.. is it possible to display grid in excel view as default? while excuting the program.. note: not by  an manual change in layouthi try this after dis playing grid report Click button 'View' ( next to print button) on application toolbar Se [More]
HI all Quick question. I can't seem to assign a business service(without party) to an A2A connection in the scenario configurator on the ID. I have an email router service I created to push some emails to internal users, and it only allows me to choo [More]
I have read this statement on these forums many times: Just keep 1 thin in mind... CR will send any SQL statement, exactly as it is written, to the database. That means that if you can execute it from TOAD or the Oracle SQL Developer, you should be a [More]
i am trying to register for eprint and i keep getting a message that my email address is invalid. It is a valid email addressGet in touch with cloud, they will help you regs.Read other 2 answers [More]
Hi there, I've updated to R&R 4.5 on win 7 home premium and I constantly get the error of "R&R is unable to back the file .... because it is either in use by another application or corrupted". I have 3 options to choose from "Retry& [More]
camera raw filter keeps adding sharpening when I  open the image although there are no presets and all sharpening sliders set to zero- this doesn't happen with the same set up on my imac- Ps cc 2014 osx 10.9.5- can anyone help me turn this off, I've [More]
How do I create buttons that once clicked and un clicked, alter an image? So for example if I imported a psd file into Muse with 5 layers, could i create 5 buttons which, when clicked, each individually took off and added 1 layer? Basically this shou [More]
About to purchase a MBP and was wondering....What week are the C2D's starting out with? Is it a continuation from number 1 from January 2006? or are these starting out fresh ( 1, 2, 3 etc)? Thank you in advanceThe week numbers for MacBooks are based [More]
Hello, I've tried to use an application level autorisation. For that, I've defined an autorisation template based on a pl/sql function returning boolean. The final purpose is to give access to the application only to users who belong to a given group [More]