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how can i change my visa info at Apple ID?The following has instructions: Change or remove your payment information from your iTunes Store account (Apple ID)Read other 2 answers [More]
We are using CR for .NET with VS 2005 developing an application that needs to export PDF versions of reports as email attachments.  While it works the problem we have is that the attachment is always named "untitled.txt".  The attachment actuall [More]
I want to import multiple xml files into my form at one time resulting in one pdf with each page repeating with each set of data.  Is there a way to do this?.Hi, You can use loadXML method to load necessary XMLs, after that you have parse it, take da [More]
I am developing a .net c# software to be used in house. I have Adobe Professional 8. I am able to put the pdf file into a form using the acrobat.dll file that comes with professional and this allows me to save the filled forms locally and also print [More]
Hi. I am trying to create a textField widget that can have a number of possible correct answers. Can anyone let me know if this is possible. I have successfully created a textField that validates one answer with the use of Type Custom, but i am unsur [More]
Hi, I wonder if someone might have had this issue and could help me to solve it. When I send a RAW file to PS for further edit, the edits made in LR are ignored. This started to happen randomly, and now it's becoming the rule. If I send the same file [More]
Hi, can any one tell me how to change the current row header in FB1LN tcode. I want to show input date also in the layout. Regards MaveHi I know two ways: - transaction obvu: here you can insert new fields, but only if these fields are included in ce [More]
Hi, I like booting to the terminal with no GUI since I might turn on the computer just for doing some computation-intensive tasks but I would like to have the convenience of the login managers from Gnome/Ubuntu. I don`t know what the real name is but [More]
Hello, I am implementing NSGs in an Azure environment. When i apply a Deny Any Internet on the Domain controller Subnet (2 DC), i am not able to login with RD Web access anymore (DMZ has internet allowed). After the Deny Any Internet is an Allow Any [More]
I never received the pin afetre entering my email address 9then I am unable to receive my scan by email)Hello @marinoiaconelli,  Welcome to the HP forums. I understand that you haven't received the pin to activate the scan to email feature on your Ph [More]