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I created a main form and menu module for this form. I am calling another form from main form menu item. i moved both the forms and menu and compiled them. But, when i run this form i am getting an error saying FRM 92100: Your connection to the serve [More]
Dear all In which Standard Tables (table entries) do I find the open quantity for POs ( balance to be delivered) , i am using the following kind of POs. 1. Normal PO(NB)- vendor procurement 2. Subcontract PO (NB) 3. Stock transport PO betn plants (UB [More]
Hi all, I have created a SOA11g domain. Then using WLST utility I have started the Node Manager. Then from WLST prompt I have connected to the Node Manager & started the Admin Server successfully. But when ever I am starting the SOA manager server us [More]
Since upgrading to iOS 5, I can no longer successfully send a group message when at least one device is an iPhone/iPad etc. and at least one device is NOT an iPhone/iPad etc. When I try it, the non-iPhone devices receive a blank message. By this I do [More]
Why isn't there a feature to allow visitors to leave comments on my standard page? Apparently you HAVE to make it a blog page or photo album page of some kind to allow anyone to interact and leave comments. I think that's stupid. All styles of pages [More]
When i download a library book to my nook from the ADE  it also downloads "unrecognized file" -both annot and png for every book.How do I stop this from happening and eliminate those already on my nook.I don't think it is possible. I don't think [More]
Hi, I need to be able to display in a navigation page a button/link which, when you click on it, toggles the language for the entire portal display. That is, if I start in English, the button/link would read "Francais" and when selected, do the [More]
Could an equipment failure or parts shortage be predicted based on an analysis of work orders, parts and equipment usage? Predictive Analytics uses several techniques from data mining and statistics to process data in order to predict future trends a [More]
Hi, Recently we have imported a transport request in D environment which is given by SAP. As there are some errors we need to revert back that transport. We do not have option to retrieve the previous version in Version management. Because all object [More]
Hi, I am having a table with 2 billion records and I am having a partition (based on date) and sub partition (based on hours). Mainly I will be selecting some records based on some conditions and I will be using rollup function in my query, I will no [More]