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Dear all, I'm just wondering whether Pages has a feature allowing it to auto-update images you import into it, i.e., if I insert an image in pages and then decide I need to edit it some-more in Photoshop, can you make it update by itself in Pages? I [More]
Hello Everyone, I'm a graphic designer for a company that has decided to run some print ads in a magazine. At the time, I only had Photoshop to create their advertisement with. Now they have purchased CS4, which will make my life easier in the future [More]
The Zen Touch 20GB MP3 player says it comes with uni'versal power adapter. There is no description that I can find online or on the packaging. Does this power adapter allow the unit to run off of automobile 2V from cigarette lighter? I actually bough [More]
Hi guys, I am assuming this is very possible but just wanted to double check before i take a plunge. If i wanted to run my mac mini into my Yamaha receiver, then from receiver to my TV, I would be able to do that with just HDMI cable going from mac m [More]
Hi, I have a report having below is taking long time to fetch data from dictionary.     SELECT      KT~MBLNR  "NUMBER OF MATERIAL DOCUMENT      KT~MJAHR  "MATERIAL DOCUMENT YEAR      KT~BUDAT  "POSTING DATE IN THE DOCUMENT      ST~ [More]
I know this has been discussed a bit on other posts.  But I couldn't quite find the angle/issue I'm working with.  It's mainly a 24fps film, but I have to use 29.97fps archival material.  The end output is 24fps.  If I just edit the different frame r [More]
I have set up a test affilate program which registers referrals but not commisions on product sales. We can see referrals logged in the main dashboard. We can see form completion notes in the affiliate reports. In the same affiliate reports I do not [More]
Hello there, i have old musics from my PC music folder (.wma files) that i would like to upload into my Mac. is there a free driiver/application that i can use to make the musics play in my Mac? I really dont want to buy a new product but i will if i [More]
Hello everyone and a happy new year by the way Yesterday while I was trying to transfer a file over one of the computer attached to home network (all set up in gigabit ethernet) I realised that the speed dramatically reduced: That is more evident in [More]
Hallo Community, ich hatte mich sehr auf mein neues TP W540 gefreut. Gestern kam es dann endlich und nun bin ich doch ziemlich enttäuscht über die mangelnden Infos dazu die ich von Lenovo mit erhalte... Ich habe die größere Version mit 256SSD und 1TB [More]