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Where can i get JDK latest version with complier

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HI I have been posting msg about this topic be4 but I only get one preson reply my msg. He did kind of help me but i wanted a link so that i can just click and get the JDK. I got the Java 2 runtime enviroment 1.3.1 It said it comes with java complier[More]

JDK 1.6 u12 installation on Windows XP as non-admin user

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I am working on a machine which does not grant my user the admin rights. I had wanted to use JDK with Netbeans. The Netbeans was available as ZIP file, but it required pre-installed JDK. I am not able to install JDK (latest version 1.6 u12) as non-ad[More]

Where is Java DB in JDK 6?

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The Java DB documentation seems to tell us only that it's now in JDK 6. The JDK 6 documentation seems to tell us only that JDK 6 "co-bundles" Java DB. If the documentation answers my question, the answer is not easy to find. Attempting to follow[More]

Unable to register system with sconadm

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I'm trying to get smpatch working within my environment so I can get our patch management/automation under control. I've been able to successfully get this working on 1 system. When attempting to get this working on a second system, I have had nothin[More]

UCM 10gR3 installation problem on Solaris

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Hi, I have a problem installing Oracle Content Server 10gR3. When I run the setup script: *$ cd <path>/UCM/ContentServer/solaris-x86/* *$ ./* I get the following error: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Ins[More]

SQL Developer usage problem

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Hi All I have installed sql developer V 4.1 to my computer and all the necessary java apllications have been installed. When i opened the program menu screens can only be shown when i get my cursor over it as shown in the below. İ have format my OS s[More]

Sun Update Manager problem in Solaris 10/08

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Since installing Solaris 10 x86 10/08 on my AMD Sempron system, Sun Update Manager doesn't work. It starts and gives me a "Warning" window with no text and a yellow triangle icon with an exclamation point. That's it. This worked fine on this box[More]

Smpatch analyze fails to run on Solaris 10 Sparc systems

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I have two Sparc Solaris 10 systems that I am unable to get to successfully patch. The 'sconadm' tool runs correctly, but smpatch bombs out with one of the following two errors: Failure: Cannot connect to retrieve You are not authorized[More]

Core dump while running jmf application

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I am running a bit customised version of Transcode & Concat from JMF samples as a single application on Solaris 10. I got core dump while running the application. Any clue ? Below are the content from hs_err_pid#.out file. +#+ +# An unexpected error[More]

SMF environment variables not working

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I have a Glassfish application in SMF with the following manifest file. I am trying to set the JAVA_HOME to /usr/jdk/latest. svccfg -s svc:/application/SUNWappserver/domain1 setenv -m stop JAVA_HOME /usr/jdk/latest svccfg -s svc:/application/SUNWapps[More]

How to re-install Java in Solaris 10

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Dear all, Let me first apologize if this is not the most suitable forum to post my enquiry (if so, please let me know which one is!). I have a SUN Blade 1500 Silver running Solaris 10. After some patching via smpatch, the Solaris Management Console s[More]

Clean Install Solaris 10 05/09 - Update Manager Fails with Valid Acct

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I have a clean install of Solaris 10 05/09, and Update Manager fails to register using a valid accout which I can login with at the Sun website. Why is this happening? How can this be fixed?Here's the output from the script.... User: root Logname: ro[More]

Blank Popup in UpdateManager Solaris 10

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Hi , I've around 20 machines in my lab which are SunBlade 1500 and running solaris 10. While running the update manager I'm getting the pop up window with empty string and only exclamation mark. I've gone through the other forum topics and as a solut[More]

General Question about Servlet !!!

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Hello my name is Raj, My problem as a beginner is to compile a servlet but not servlet alone becoz theres a several class imported in this servlet. Should I compile every .java and then the servlet....coz when I compile the servlet with a normal jdk[More]

"ORA 27102 - out of memory" solution needed

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I have continued to receive the ORA 27102 out of memory error each time I try to install oracle 10g on Solaris 10. I have tried such modifications like "projadd -p 102 -c 'eBS benchmark' -U oracle -G dba -K 'project.max-shm-memory=(privileged,10G,den[More]

Classpath on solaris

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I've got the JRE and SDK here. - /usr/j2se - /usr/jdk/latest -> /usr/jdk/jdk1.5.0_14 My working directory is here: - /iwenv/iw-home/custom/scripts/JCA And it contains (non-exclusive) the following files: - dom4j-1.6.1.jar - JCA.jar - Apa[More]

Solaris 9 Bug with Installer Scripts?

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The installer for my product, which works fine on Solaris versions from 2.5 through 2.9 Early Release, does not work on the released Solaris 9. The problem is visible right away in my "request" file, which early in the file uses the standard she[More]

Solaris10 basic questions PHP and MYSQL

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Hi, I am trying to learn something of Solaris because it this OS is used at my job, well, we have one system T2000 sunfire, it has Solaris10, we are trying to setup as local server to share some html files, and also we are trying to install some mysq[More]

Sun Studio is unable to find a supported version of Java ...?

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Gentlemen I need your assistance, I'm trying to install SunStudio, and I get this error. # /opt/sun/sunstudioceres/bin/sunstudio Sun Studio is unable to find a supported version of Java. Sun Studio supports Java version 1.5.0_03 and newer and looks f[More]

WS7/Comms Express Compilation problem

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I am just doing an implementation of the JES5 comms suite on WS7 and am getting the following error after logging in. Two questions: 1) Could someone send me a working server.xml (with the right classpath) 2) Has anyone else seen this error. Web serv[More]

Hi Experts, I have a scenario from RFC TO SOAP,it runs fine but rarely I get an error  *"MAPPING">RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND*.Not sure what is causing this problem.Can you help me with this guys <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8&q [More]
I have a friend who is a minor (around 15 years old) and just got an iMac for her birthday. But then creating an apple ID would require her a credit card which she doesn't have since she's still underaged. Do you know what she should do?Hi Ohohohoho, [More]
I want to learn how to use flashvars, so went to a bunch of websites, but I couldn't get it to work. one of the pages I tried to use was this one: I made a new flash file, and added the code to [More]
Hi Which table stores VAT number entered for a company code using T Code oby6? please advice. Thanks, VaishnaviT001Read other 2 answers [More]
Hi all, I have a lable and a inputfield which are hide. I want that when a select something in my dropdownbykey, this two objects get visible. How can i do that? Regards, NiraliHi, Please look this code 1.Create one Droupdownkey UI element in your fi [More]
HP Deskjet 3522 Win 7Hi there, you'll need to provide more information to increase the likelihood of getting a good response. Are you sending the same files from your PC/laptop as you send from the smartphone via the ePrint service? Do you receive an [More]
Hi, I have created a time dimension with several heirarchies using OWB 9.2. I want to have several cubes attached to this dimension, but I want each cube to only have access to a specific hierarchy, i.e. not all the hierarchies. I cannot see a method [More]
Is there anyone that can help me with this problem?  The files are always nothing I recognise and they won't download.  I always have to manually stop iPhoto from trying to download them. Is there a way to stop this auto downloading?Quit iPhoto and t [More]
I have been trying to get this to work for 2 days. My app us up and running using Basic Authorization. I've used Curl to confirm that I can access protected URLs. But from my Flash movie it doesn't work. My script is pretty normal, as you can see in [More]
Dear All, I have N810. I have difficulty with downloading; Application Manager - for some reason - does not download the programs in the list. Initially I did not have this problem. Question 1: What can be the reason? I decided to reset the tablet. I [More]