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In my iPhoto the thumbnails are all present but when I click on them the bigger picture is not visible and I can see a triangle with an exclamation mark in it. Has anyone got any suggestions?That means iPhoto has lost the link to the original file. W [More]
My iPhone is stolen. How can I get my address book back from the iCloud? I should have synchronized my iPad address book. However, I loss some recent contacts from iPhone.I use my iPad to get the address book backed up by iCloud from my iPhone. Howev [More]
You may have purchased a new ePrint capable printer and find yourself wanting to print to it without having to create an email. Well, there is a way to simulate a traditional printing experience with ePrint from a notebook (or other mobile computer). [More]
I can only play one song at a time! If I want to listen to music, I double-click on the song. After the song is finished, the next song doesn't play. Even when the song is playing and I skip to the next song, the music stops. This is really annoying. [More]
After many months of trouble-free use, I can no longer print from my laptop (Toshiba Satellite E 105-S1402).  Each job ends with "Error printing."  I downloaded the Diagnostic Utility (which told me my printer was not found on the network). The [More]
When I go to the itunes options and click on edit, then preferences, ipod, & music, the Enable Disk Use is not in bold print, but it is checked. I don't know what has happened, and I'm not able to use it. Can someone help me with this? HP   Windows X [More]
Hey Everyone, Seeing as I have installed Vista and Win 7 on this MBP I thought installing Windows 8 would be fairly straightforward. It turns out it has been hours, and hours of frustration. I am going to lay out all my problems, and perhaps you guys [More]
Dear experts,      We are using PI 7.1 version SP5, recently service pack updated to 12 by BASIS. Whenever I am trying to check the performance monitoring in RWB. getting an error saying below :    " 3 Message(s) : Connection to Integration Server Lo [More]
when i try to do back with iCloud it always says The last backup could not be completed. Please help me with this issueBackup not successful:  I had the same problem. The solution was to turn off some apps (Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup>ma [More]
I accidentally erased one of my iPhones from the find my iPhone list. I have lost this phone how do I get it back on the list?Once you wipe a lost device, it can no longer connect with icloud, hence it can't be tracked.Read other 5 answers [More]