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Dear All, Here we are having make to stock scenario. Is it possible to put any expiry date limit for the sales order like quotation??? also is it possible to auto cancel of sales order which are expired ??? Regards, Sagar WairagadeHi Sagar, suggestio [More]
I'm building a stock ticker in Flash where I have to display some symbols using webdings for up or down. The rest is Arial font. I've tried everything. Creating css, using font tags, textformat etc... webdings always shows as a roman chars, not symbo [More]
My wife updated this morning to IOS7. we're using the same apple id. Now each time she texts I get a text from her and a text from me. what's gone wrong. It's been fine til now.resoved it. In settings under messages, send and receive had my wifes num [More]
Hi all! I am displaying several Buttons on an Panel. When mousepressed on some of the buttons, more buttons will display on the panel. FOr this reason, I want to make sure the user can see which Buttons can display more buttons, and for this reason I [More]
Hello everybody. Sorry for my bad denglish. (i'm german). I'm proud to present the most valueable methode for RIM to sell more than 1million devices more in 2012. For a RIM softwaredeveloper it's the easiest thing to do. Put the most important thing [More]
Dear Experts, I m new to Dialog Programming. i hv created a dialog program correspond to ABAP program. I hv also created a tcode for this. but when i run the tcode, its displaying a error msg. "You are not authorized to use transaction Y_TEST_DYNPRO& [More]
I am trying to follow the ABS instructions to build a module. I have the source code from GitHub. However, I cannot find anything that says what to do if the module has not already been built somewhere in Arch. It is not in the abs tree and it is not [More]
Hi I have few inherited classes which I need to instantiate in a switch statement based on command line argument supplied by user. I am ble to do that but I cannot access any methods once I come out of the switch scope. Please suggest a way to resolv [More]
i like the idea of iweb and how it works, but... how do you edit html code? how do you add custom javascripts to pages? how do you add folders and files to the site tree (if possible at all) for downloads for example? how do you change the template s [More]
I created a project with Signal Express v3.0 where I use software trigger to start and stop acquisition. When I close signal express and then reopen the project the software triggers do not show up in the bar below the menus. Is there a way to keep t [More]