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Hi Experts, I have one strange problem, we are runing classic scenario and PR is created in R/3 system for each shopping cart. I am unable to change item short text, UOM, price etc of these PR using ME52N in R/3 system . But if i create manually PR i [More]
hi, can any one explain the below program. What is the output of it. thanks REPORT  ZALV_REPORT2                            . TYPES: BEGIN OF TY_KNA1, KUNNR TYPE KNA1-KUNNR, NAME1 TYPE KNA1-NAME1, LAND1 TYPE KNA1-LAND1, END OF TY_KNA1. TYPE-POOLS SLI [More]
I have a report where I need to run 3 different ways based on the same filter with different values. Each way has multiple values. I was hoping to create a Dashboard prompt as a radion button to allow the user to select which variation of the report [More]
I am trying to select an LCD monitor for my newly built computer. I have zeroed in on the DELL SP2309W, 23" Full HD Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor with Webcam. The optical resolution is Higher than Full HD at 2048 x 1152. It is my understanding that H [More]
I used to be able to use motion menus, but my last 2 projects, I've been unable to use them. Instead of motion, I see gray screen (but the rest of the menu works, and the text is there). Does the same with the motion preview button (I'm using DSP 3) [More]
I can download AdobeDownLoadAssistant, but cannot install it to my MacBook Pro.  I read the discussion forum, but that did not help.  I get error 3010, which I don't see listed in any of the discussions.  I am trying to download a trial version of Ad [More]
Hello, we are using GRC 5.3 SP 8.1. User default mappings with more than one "role" attribute and the condition "OR" don't seem to work. After provisioning no user parameters have changed in backend system. When I configure only one &q [More]
I recently updated my E7-00 from Anna to Belle and lost all my map favorites in the process. Although I did a full backup of my phone before the update I have since found out that Nokia Suite does not backup map favorites. The Belle update did NOT ma [More]
Hi all, I've just released version 2.10 of LR/Mogrify. Many user requests and ideas have been addressed. An important feature of this release is the ability to overlay textual annotations on exported images. The text may span several lines, and you m [More]
Hi guys,           I am developing an ABAP program where I have to fetch the invoice data from VBRK and VBRP  based on the PO data or SO data in table LIPS. But I am not been able to link the two tables. Can anyone please suggest what are the PO and [More]