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I just upgraded my ATV Gen2 to version 5.0 (4099)- because it was suggested by ATV.    After that, I could not connect to my iTunes for music.  Before my upgrade to the ATV, all worked fine. With Apple stuff, I feel like I never have a good understan [More]
Sometimes mounted vhdx drive become unmountable - the  Eject disapears from context logical volume menu as ordinaly. mountvol X: /D works and unmount but only one logical drive per time, and after i unmount all in such way vhdx file is still locked a [More]
I've created an animated extension of the JLabel which imitates a "typewriter" effect. It works smoothly for single-line labels. Here is a basic pseudo-code outline of how I went about doing it: constructor(String fullText, int delay) {   create [More]
I have compiled a function and when I call it, the DMBS value is not shown. I have set serveroutput on I am using 9i. The function completes and provides a result: SQL> select textrawio.HEXTONUM('0D') from dual; TEXTRAWIO.HEXTONUM('0D') 13 The script [More]
All of a sudden my macbook pro's iMessage stopped working! Every time I'd send a message, a red circle with an exclamation point pops up on the side of the message. Somedays it'll be on and off where i could send iMessages but only receive one on my [More]
O wn 2 iPod nanos series 4 and series 6 I want to sync different music on each iPod but I get the message when trying to sync the series 4 that there is too much data for the sync to take place.  It seems both iPods have the same name, so I guess I h [More]
(Environment in question: Windows 7 secure desktop (running as user not admin), Office 2010) Hello,   As has been touched on in various forums (such as here:, when one opens a PDF attachment in Outlook, Acrobat [More]
I have a pc at work and Laptop at home. My iphone is synced to my laptop with my itunes account. I use my iphone primarily for work so my calendar and contacts are the most important to me. So it is necessary to have my calendar up to date on both my [More]
How do you print without margins in Adobe Acrobat 9. I would like to print the current view but everytime I do this, I get margins at the top and bottom. This occurs on every printer I haveCan you post a screenshot?Read other 2 answers [More]
I used a trial download for the 30 days and then I purchased the monthly subscription and now I get an error message which says I have a different UID.  Can anyone help?I assume you attempted to include a screenshot? In order to post a screenshot to [More]