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Newbie to iTunes since I got my iPhone. I'm asked periodically to back up my library to CDs. Can I back up per my question, and in the event of the unthinkable total crash of my Mac can I restore from the external HD? Is there a method to do this or [More]
Error on startup QuickTime and iTunes: (Windows XP Pro SP2) EventType : BEX P1 : QuickTimePlayer.exe P2 : P3 : 47a28143 P4 : QuickTimePlayer.exe P5 : P6 : 47a28143 P7 : 0000130d P8 : c0000409 P9 : 00000000What worked for me w/ the 2 [More]
Hi gurus, I need to extract data from a InfoCube through a generic DataSource. I have created an InfoSet Query based on this InfoCube and I have noticed this kind of InfoSet is not the same that is used by Tcode RSO2. Does anybody know if there is an [More]
I want it got time out if the connection if lose while i read a stream from URL try {      int timeout = 700;      HttpURLConnection connection = (HttpURLConnection) downloadURl.openConnection();      connection.setConnectTimeout(timeout);      conne [More]
The computer is "seeing" the phone, but nothing is coming up in iTunes.  I have a 2nd iphone that is being recognized.  I have another computer, rebooted, reinstalled, and tried holding the home button as I plugged in the usb cable.  I went to d [More]
I went to settings and turned down all the brightness and the flickering disappeared but as soon as I turned it back up it started flickering again so I decided to reset  my iphone again. After the iPhone (4) turned back on I tried pulling the bright [More]
Hello, 1. Pls let me know the concept of Exception Handling and Alerts. 2. Pls provide some blogs for Exception Handling in Message Mapping. 3.What are Alerts and how it help us in XI. Pls provide some blogs for Alert 4.How are Alerts and Exception H [More]
Dear All, I have to run reports developed in Oracle 6i windows platform on web. I have to install this application server on Linux operating system. Kindly help me what components of application server 10gR2 I need to install to configure reports. Is [More]
I have an old Powerbook G4 and it is running on OS 10.5.8. I just downloaded iTunes 10.5. My questions is; Will I be able to download to iOS 5? The USB connection is the old 1.1, would that have anything to do with being able to get iOS 5? Also, I pu [More]
i want to extract data from two different tables and to create a single table. first table is gc1 idx suburb_form 1 ALBANY 2 PERTH 3 ALBANY CBD 4 PERTH CBD SECOND TABLE IS CITIES ALBANY PERTH I WANT TO CREATE A TABLE WHICH SHOULD CONTAIN ALL RECORDS [More]