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Calenndar - when I want to edit a monthly recurring event but only for one month I am no longer given the box to update only that date month.  How do I do this with the new operating system?Adding to Alan's answer: One of the problems that comes with [More]
I am trying to burn 2 videos onto a DVD but I get an error code or else it just hangs and will not complete the burn.  I imported the videos into iphoto and then clicked on SHARE and Send to iDVD.  I used a theme and put in the picture in the drop ar [More]
I'm an ex-PC user and one way I configured the finder to work more like how I was used to working was to color code all my folders red and the half-dozen files I work with on a daily basis green. I had smart folders for both in the Tiger sidebar and [More]
My iPhone 3g which has not been 3g connected for some time says "no SIM", when it used to say "no service". I am having recognition issues with Spotify. Are these things related, and do I have a hardware problem?Remove the SIM card and [More]
Dear all, We are facing a problem in workflow path. The workflow for create user has got 2 stage approval. In the first stage the approval type is "All approver" and the CAD for this stage is defined on the basis of business process of the role. [More]
I have the Incredible 2; when I get a all I do not get the "answer - decline" option to show up on my phone - it just shows who is calling.  How do I get the phone settings back to show the answer/decline option; or how do I answer a call withou [More]
I am not happy with itunes 7 and would like to go back to itunes 6 , itunes 7 is giving me problems because none of my playlists show on my ipod but show up on itunes and only some songs are on my ipod . i have 37 songs on my ipod when i should be ha [More]
Hi experts, I'm new at sapscript. I need to print the company logo on a label. I've read many posts everywhere and the task seems pretty simple. Somehow, I'm getting an error that I can't google anywhere while doing the sapscript check: "Error includ [More]
Hi!! 1>I am trying to lookup JMS services from my applet. Actually I would like my applet to send JMS messages and recieve messages as well. When I am trying to do lookup it is giving Access Control Exception a> java.util.PropertyPermission "us [More]
Dear All Experts, I am facing a problem on unable to create object dimensions on a Stored procedure universe. Fyi, I have successfully insert a stored procedure ('SP_Sales') with input parameter (@date) into universe (Universe_1). But I unable create [More]