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Xcode 2.5 (Tiger) download issue

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I've been trying to download XCode 2.5 to do some development on my Tiger iMac... it downloads but it fails the checksum ("Verification failed" when it tries to mount). Is this a known situation? What are my options?Can you download it again? (M[More]

Xcode 3.1.1 download

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Hello, I have a PowerPC Mac runing 10.5 that I am interested in developing applications for, specifically compiling source code of more recent applications to make them compatible with my computer. If I understand correctly, the most recent version o[More]

Is Xcode 4.1 still downloadable from someplace?   How to expunge Xcode 4.2.1?

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1)  It seems that at the App Store only Xcode 4.2.1 is currently available.    Does anyone know from where Xcode 4.1 might still be downloadable? 2)  I have also read in several threads that if one wishes to install Xcode 4.1 after Xcode 4.2 is in pl[More]

XCode 3.1.4 download

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Hello I have an older version of Mac i.e. 10.5.8 and i need to install ios(3.1.3), for that i need an XCode(3.1.4), but i surfed and really unable to get it... Can anyone help me to resolve this problem...Read the following:[More]

XCode App Does Not Download After Purchase

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1. Select "Buy" for XCode app. 2. Dialog window displayed and I enter PW in authentication window and click "Billing Info" 3. Dialog window closes and nothing happens. Am I missing something? Thanks nullHi Chris, In the MAS on the righ[More]

Can't download Xcode 6 beta 4 because of application memory!

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I have a 2013 macbook air 13" and I want to download Xcode 6 beta 4 but the application memory fills up once it starts downloading. Soon the message appears and I have to close Safari! What I have done for other Xcode betas is to download it in anoth[More]

Can any help with my Xcode download issue?

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Hi all, Can anyone help with my Xcode issue? I downloaded it the other day but it is currently stuck saying waiting. I found this advice online ml and it seemed simple e[More]

How do I cancel and cleanup after starting Xcode download?

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I started to install xcode 5 and the download progress bar opened in launchpad.  Whe I saw the 2.3GB size I paused the download. The apple store will let me "hide" the "purchase" (free) but how do I clean up and remove the progress fro[More]

Xcode 4.1: Failed to download documentation package for Mac OS X 10.7 Core Library.

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I have installed Xcode 4.1 in Mac OS lion 10.7, Xcode is failed to download the Mac OS X 10.7 Core Library, but Xcode4.1 download Xcode4.1 developer library successfully. who knows why it is?Nothing official, yet. But I don't think this will ever hav[More]

Xcode - Downloading iOS Library fails: "...not found on server"

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Hi, I have a problem with downloading the XCode library. I get following error message when I try to download the iOS-Library/documentation at xcode->preferences: "Failed to download documentation package for iOS 5.0 Library. Documentation package[More]

How to make manually downloaded Xcode app show up in app store purchase page?

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Is there a way to make mac app store show updates for Xcode app that is downloaded from without having to download it again from app store itself? thanksIf you do as wjosten has advised you, you will have made your chosen app the[More]

HI Guys I have recently asked to transfer my Windows creative suite to a Mac computer. I received the serial number but unlike my lightroom install disc, which is win and mac, my Creative Suite disc is windows only, how do I go about installing a Mac [More]
OK, This is confusing me.... I have an ASA5520 and need to set up multiple VPN's to some vendor sites. All these vendors are using networks. All have public IP's and very little knowledge so are unable to NAT from their end. The idea is t [More]
Ok I have a faulty iPhone4. Two weeks ago it ended up in the washing machine... not a full cycle because I realized it a few minutes in that it was in a pocket and I couldn't find it. So I took it out of the washing machine (it shut itself off, btw), [More]
Hi Guys Does anyone have a report which can print directly to the printer when the radio button option is selected . I want to print the ALV in excel format. Printer >>>>. Screeb >>>>> Regards P.EslamHi I tried with this FM but [More]
hi all, i am a rookie in labview,iam getting an error while trying to build .dll file  in vc++ 6.0 , i followed all the instructions available in labview "using External Code" manual,the error was as follows; Compiling... CINsample2.c Linking... [More]
Dear All: After release of our webstart application,I begin to worry about the source code -anti compiling if jars are extracted by un-knowen user. Is there any tool to secure specified jars of a webstart application (wich is composed of lot jar file [More]
Please explain me the process/steps of receing goods against an RMA (Return Material Authorization) in SAP.Hi, As per my understsnding RMA functinality gets activated in RETURN AND REPAIRS process. it is not delt with notification. From notification. [More]
I have see a lots of examples of whow to create fix column into JTable. But all the examples have the same problems. When I wont to scroll over the fix column the vertical scroll bar of the no fix column dont move, so the no fix column dose not move [More]
Hi All, I passed many OPN certification in 2010, but now when I went to print it out It does not show the full certificate (as it should look) instead it just shows the details as below, This certifies that NAME has participated in 11i10 Advanced Pla [More]
hello, i need a expert java programmer to hire for a simple java proxy project please contact me if you are intrested please leave me a message for more info.http://localhost:7021/sbresource?PROXY/MySample/MyJMSProxyService is the WSDL URL of the pro [More]