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No xenbr while creating vm from the manager

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Hi all I am trying to create a virtual machine from the template: Oracle Enterprise Linux release 4 Update 5 x86_64 But when I arrive to set Virtual Machine Information I cannot choose or set the xenbr for the vif, and the manager cannot make me go o[More]

Remove IP from xenbr

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Hey, my system has a configured IP on xenbr1. I need to unconfigure this xenbr1, because I need this IP on a different server. But I can´t shutdown the network service at all. I reconfigured the script ifcfg-eth1 (which matches xenbr1) - shutdown xen[More]

How to create a multiple VLAN or xenbr in oracle vm

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hi, i have a server which has a 1 nic card.hence having 1 xenbr i.e.xenbr0 now my requriement is to create multiple vlan or xenbr into the instead of 1 xenbr i can have many xenbr's & all my guest vm's are in differernt subnets. i have trun[More]

How to configure multiple IP-Adresses on one NIC in OVM

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Hi guys, we have some OVM Servers 2.2.1 installed. They all have three NICs in them (eth0-2). For eth0 and eth2 we need multiple IP-Adresses configured to work with our storage solution. The configuration should look like this: eth0:0 - 192.168.31.x[More]

How do I add a second ip subnet to a hypervisor?

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I am running oraclevm server 2.2.2 on a leased server that came with a /29 ip subnet. Needing more IPs, I asked the provider for more and they gave me a distinct /28 to use. Is there a way to bind this to the same eth0 via a second xenbr interface or[More]

Any documentation or info on how  connect  VMs  to different  subnets?

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I'd like to be able to connect VMs on the same host to different networks or VLANS. My host server has two NICS which are connected to different networks or VLANS. How do I associate a xenbr or vifn.o to a particular ethn?This Wiki page should give y[More]

Xen Bridge Problem, dont allow more than 1 guest running

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Hello, We have a curious problem with our Oracle VM Xen Bridge configuration. We have a 2 node server pool with a shared OCFS2 repository (this works great, ISCSI, multipath, etc.), HA enabled and some VM Guests. The problem is that if we launch 2 or[More]

Does OVM 2.2 supports Jumbo Frames to Boost Network Performance

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hi, i have configured ovm 2.2 setup & now want to Boost the Network Throught put so i thought of configuring Jumbo Frames by increasing MTU 1500 to MTU 9000 please helpYes, OVM supports jumbo frames with MTU size 9000. Just make sure you set it on th[More]

To emulate the "clrscr" command (from C), I am determining the name of the OS and then passing the appropriate command to the Runtime object: if ((menu.osName.lastIndexOf("sun") != -1) || (menu.osName.lastIndexOf("inux") != - [More]
Hi, today I installed following test versions: "Adobe Photoshop Elements 13" and "Adobe Premiere Elements 13" on my Windows laptop (Windows 8.0 64 bit). My digital camera is "Panasonic TZ61". It makes AVCHD videos. Each AVCHD [More]
I have one MacBook Pro and two Thunderbolt displays.  One display sits right in front of me alongside my Mac, and the other I'd like to place 15' away in my office.  Chaining the two displays when they are side by side is no problem.  But how do I po [More]
Hello, Bought a new desktop PC today, with Windows 7, replacing my old PC with Windows XP. Some **bleep** questions that I hope you experts can help me with. Will I simply be able to hook everything up on my new PC as on my existing PC and I'm good t [More]
I am trying to get my computer back in working order and use Firefox instead of Chrome. I have my "favorites" folder on my desktop but cannot figure out how to link it to my Bookmarks and get websites to come up.If your "folder of things&qu [More]
Hi All- I'm using the standard iView template to connect to a JDBC system and run a stored procedure (Oracle DB). All connections are fine and returning data, but I'm wondering if I can format the result. The procedure returns a series of label/value [More]
What are the technologies involved in developing this mobile application? Is this Native/ Hybrid? based on MBO/Odata The [More]
Help. Whilst following instructions for transfer to new comp, I have mangaed to wipe all information of I pod. Ihave dragged file to desktop and still have music files in when I connect and find i pod in My Computer. I am very un IT and in a panic. A [More]
Since yesterday, Lightroom always crashes when being opened, with the note "Lightroom stopped working". It happened for the first time while working with the adjustment brush. Now we can't open LR anymore without a crash. Is there any way to rep [More]
This message comes up when I try to print from the internet...."An error occured during operation" I have to screen print if I want to print anything from internet. Can anyone help with this. BobHello,  I see that you're having an issue with the [More]