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Hello I have tried Noobproof, I have checked the IP address and the subnet mask on the ATV, I have turned it on and turned it off again, I've reset my Airport express and my router. I am at the end of my tether here. If anybody has a solution so that [More]
   I noticed yesterday that the clock app that came with the phone will just go to blank screen when i try to use it. Then it comes up with an error "Unfortunately, Clock has stopped". i have very little apps on my phone, and haven't installed a [More]
Hello All As an output of this report (S_ALR_87013336 - Profit Center Group: Balance Sheet ) I expect :- 1. B/S recon accounts which has received PC assignment from 1KEK. 2. Other B/S accounts (Inventory etc) which received PC assignment while normal [More]
Phone: 5800 XpressMusic Firmware version: V20.0.012 When I try to install the latest version of NSU I get the error message that says the version I am trying to instal is older than the version already installed (see attachment). This despite the fac [More]
Hi, when opening the Info window on one particular file, the Finder hangs: • The Info window is opened normally, • After one or two seconds the Info window starts flickering, as if being redrawn (with changing contents) very rapidly, • At this point, [More]
What is actually high consistent gets? I get High Consistent Gets for certain sessions. Following are some of my parameter settings. db_16k_cache_size = 0 db_2k_cache_size = 0 db_32k_cache_size = 0 db_4k_cache_size = 0 db_8k_cache_size = 0 db_block_s [More]
Helo, i can not verify my second email ( [email protected]) i send the verify link again and againd and receive nothing in the email box. I need it because i want buy something in app store but i have answer two questions what i forget , i can send t [More]
Hola, hace un rato mi MacBook Air se suspendió y cuando lo utilicé de nuevo ya no me salían los íconos de la barra superior derecha... ¿Alguien sabe qué pasa cuando esto sucede? ¿Cómo hago para que aparezcan los íconos nuevamente? Gracias.Hola, muchí [More]
I finished restoring my iPhone but it is stacked at 'setup your iphone using iTunes if your wifi network is not available' iTunes rather displays this message whenever I conect, for almost 7 hrs now.. We're sorry, we are unable to continue with your [More]
I am having problems getting my VS C# .NET application to connect to a SQL Server Database, even though I can connect to it (on the same machine) using SQL Server Management Studio. Is there any way I can find the connection string that SQL Server Ma [More]