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Before the upgrade, every events is displayed in colour accordingly, with All-Day-Event highlighted.  After the upgrade, only the "All-day event" is highlighed in clour. But the headline/subject of everything else (from every calendars) is displ [More]
Hi all i deployed the CRM ISA b2b 5.0 application successfully in the j2ee engine and after that i have done the XCM configuration also successfully and i tested thru run test for both JCO and IPC components all are successful. now when i tried with [More]
Hello Experts, I am trying to create a custom purchase order that shows shipping distributions. I have been successful so far in creating a matrix report that shows this. However, the client's requirement is that I limit the items to at least 10 item [More]
Hi, I am trying to transfer photos from my iPad to my laptop. When I plug it in to the laptop the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver installs successfully and the Digital Still Camera driver fails. I have previously transferred photos in this way without [More]
Hello, We deployed the standard ESS Business Package on Portal but then I found that the W2 Reprint service is missing i created an iview pointing to the W2 Application and created a page and added the iview to the when I preview the [More]
downloaded the movie godfather,taken,scarface from my ipad and i cannot find them in my library. Do not want to repurchase these items due to the fact i already paid. Thank youThey should have downloaded into the Videos app (if they aren't in there t [More]
I am getting this error: The SOAP response indicates that an error occurred on the server: Server was unable to process request.--->  Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Any ideas on why I can't publish form and how I might fix this [More]
YOUR SYSTEM INFORMATION Your Flash Version 16.0.0 Your browser name Internet Explorer Your Operating System (OS) Windows (Windows 8)Please see the video troubleshooting guide.  In particular, check out the section about hardware acceleration. Video p [More]
Hi, I'm using a cisco 3544 chasis with a MC03A Board installed on the primary slot. The MC03A board has successfully registered to call manager(4.2). I'm using SCCP for video conferencing, I've activated 15 sccp ports, activated sccp services. I've t [More]
Hello all, I would like to delete some files straight from Mini Bridge that I have dragged-and-dropped into earlier. However, I can't seem to find a way to do so. I thought it would be rather strange that I can add files in Mini Bridge but not delete [More]