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Hi gurus, I just got help from your guys fixing my dynamic sql problem. What I am doing in that function is to return a single string from multiple rows and I use it in the select statement. It works fine once the problem was solved. But is there any [More]
When I singed up for my Apple account, I used my generic email account.  I then signed up for Mobile Me and also have a ".me" email account.  I am trying to change over to iCloud and so I'm signed in under my Apple account.  It won't let me chan [More]
Hi, We have OBIEE installed on a 32-bit Windows Server. We had almost 10GB of free space yesterday, but after a few users logged in, the free space started coming down until we were left with no space at all. Since then we have removed all t [More]
My iphone 3gs is on ios 4 and since ios 7 ha came out i have no way to update it because it doesnt suppport it? any way for me to download ios 6?please help me!!!Read other 2 answers [More]
Is there any SAP standard report, where given a Purchase Requisition, it will give Purchase order no. Also, in which table, this link is storedHi, I am sorry to be repeating myself, but if the link is not shown in ME53N on the status tab of the req i [More]
I just bought a Cruz Reader it has the Android 2.0 O.S on it, I keep trying to d/l adobe flash but I'm running into dead ends everywhere. I want to transfer an epub I bought from borders to my reader but in order to do that I need Digital Edition on [More]
is it possible to play video out of Final Cut on a 24" iMac to a plasma monitor. I could buy a Macpro and get 2 video cards to drive 2 Cinema Displays and a 3rd black magic card to drive a plasma, we do that at work but that is a lot of money. I coul [More]
My apad makes this gong sound every so often.  What is this?Tap Settings / General / Sounds. Might have a sound turned on that you are hearing.Read other 3 answers [More]
I'm working through "Developing RIA Web Applications with Oracle ADF" using JDeveloper Studio Version which I downloaded on 2nd July (Fusion 11g). Platform is Mac OS X 10.5.7 (Leopard) \[ which I understand is a certified platform for [More]
Hi All, How to find the Receiver Cost Center,      Receiver Order and Receiver Text which is used in entering CATS? Please let me know from which infotype we can pick? thank you! PrasadHi, Please check IT0001 and IT0315. Regards, DilekRead other 3 an [More]