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I am helping a friend with a Sony HDR-HC7 camcorder that is capable of DV and HDV formats. They have used it without a hitch with DV shot footage on import and export to the camera. They are using iMovie HD 6.0.3. They shot footage in 1080i format an [More]
How you can switch from one country app store to another country app store the your country of residence.You can only use the store in the country where you are - to use another country's store you will need to be in that country and have a valid bil [More]
I can't seem to get my headphones to work on my iPad mini when using iTunes remote. I can stream to any Airplay capable system perfectlyvia Remote and control iTunes on my iMac as advertised. Just want to be able to listen to iTunes on my iPad "wirel [More]
Hello Gurus, In my project, the sales orders have default delivery block. Only authorised people can remove the block. The list is maintained in a Z Table. Recently for one sales order the delivery block was removed automatically and the delivery hap [More]
Hi All Firstly thanks for all the help with previous questions, its really making my mac more enjoyable. I am hoping someone can help me with this little issue I would like to use my mac as a handsfree kit with my Blackberry Storm, i could then liste [More]
Hi, I have Lenovo 3000 N100 (TYPE 0768-FPG) , OS - Windows 7. It is connected to an external LCD (SONY LCD) and everything was OK untill one day, without me changing anything, suddenly I get "No Signal" message on the LCD when in PC mode. I trie [More]
As mentioned above, I purchased a book and downloaded it on my pc, but I am unable to authorize and transfer this purchase to my other devices.  I downloaded bluefire reader per online instructions and added the pdf book file to this app on itunes.  [More]
Hi, I have an issue with following shell script: #!/bin/sh env | while read VAR; do RIGA=$RIGA"\""$VAR"\";" done echo $VAR echo $RIGA exit 0 Why the last echo commands (echo $VAR and echo $RIGA) don't give me any result? Why [More]
I have installed 11/06 Solaris 10 on a Dell Optiplex GX260. It has a 3Com3C905FX NIC and the mother board NIC. I turned the mother board NIC on in the BIOS because the installation didn't find the 905FX NIC. When I run /usr/sbin/prtconf -pv |moreI ge [More]
The Mac Book Pro was fine, and then just stopped working.  I connect the power source, and the light is on as if it is charging.  However, when I try to turn the laptop on, nothing happens.  There is no response whatsoever.  Any ideas what happened a [More]