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I have an SSRS report that is rendered as a PDF file; the report has many columns and utilizes 11inx17in (Landscape) paper. However, once the report is rendered and users try to print the report they have to manually select the 'Choose Paper source b [More]
My iphone freezes and its doing it on a daily basis now multiple times and I don't know why. I've restored it, reset the network settings but neither has worked. It tends to freeze on the move when on 3G but it does also freeze when I'm connected to [More]
Hi All, How can an emailed PDF be tied to a recipient's PC so that it can only be viewed on that PC? I do not want to use password control or high-end 3rd party systems, e.g. FileOpen, LockLizard, etc. I only care about restricting access (viewing), [More]
Hi, I want to get an used iMac that *doesn't have* any Airport or WiFi card/possibilities and that could run the latest version of Mac OS 10.5 (I'd need it for music and photos storing purpose). So, what would be the most recent version of this iMac? [More]
Hi All, Didn't see any posts for this, so I wanted to bring it up here. We use nls_length_semantics=char, and therefore our varchar2 cols routinely show up in products with the datalength as charlengthx4 or the actual bytelength for the col. However [More]
i have created a multipage document. each has a column with amounts, and a total row at the bottom of the page. the first page lists checks. the second page lists only cash. the first page has two other fields "Total Checks" and Total Cash" [More]
What is this user agreement email that people are talking about prior to shipment of 4s?I would say the left is too blue on the cool side where the iPhone 4 is more neutral, putting it beside that blue screen makes it possibly look yellow, try compar [More]
We're having trouble with email generated from osCommerce (a php/mysql solution) passing through postfix. There are precious few smtp settings (one can choose either smtp or sendmail as the two options in the package). The logs do not indicate that o [More]
Hi, I'm requesting advise on problem below : - I have 2 datacenter with one server farm on each DC and 5 servers behind each server farm - each server has 5k max connection limit on each server farm - I want to be able to be able to failover to one S [More]
Hi, I am going to develop offline interactive form using Webservice through RFC Function module. There are dropdown list fields in my adobe form. Then how can I able to fill these dropdown fields in my form, I mean how to bind the values to dropdown [More]