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Does the message acknowledgement in a Message driven bean take place after the transaction commits? Will the message be available to be consumed by another instance of the MDB in case the transaction was rolled back? I am using WLS 7.0 as my app serv [More]
Hi all, I have been maintaining a dual boot of arch and Windows 8 for some time. I recently updated Windows to 8.1, and found that the update process had two side effects: 1) The update added a new partition in the middle of my file table, so my /etc [More]
I want to use my airport express as a router. Do I need to plug it into a modem to do this or can I do this without pluging anything into it.The AirPort Express is a wireless router only, with no modem on board. You will need to connect the Express t [More]
Anyone have a suggestion on this. I created a two tabbed according panel to show content below and image using the XML data set feed to dynamically insert content. The content for the first panel shows up nicely and so does the tab for the second ite [More]
Our users create .csv files for upload to SAP. Their habit is to include a number of blank lines in excel to make it more readable. In Excel 2003, blank lines were handled as, literally, blank lines, and opening in a text editor shows exactly that, a [More]
Hi.. the RFC Destination between BI and ECC 5.0 is giving errors. Plz let me know if there is any Support pack  or any solution to fix this error. thanks..Hi, pls find the RFC connection details 1 Prerequisites 1.1 User Roles Use With the Building Bl [More]
I have a podcast feed going to iTunes but the iTunes listing has not updated since April. Many new podcasts have been uploaded since then. Any one know how to get that listing up to date?What's the link...I'd be happy to take a look.Read other 2 answ [More]
is having a file upload function on a web page a hard thing to do? i need to do this, but i do not know where to start... if anyone can help me out/shed some light on this for me that would be greatly appreciated!~!!! THANKS!No it is not particularly [More]
I have an 8 GB iPhone 4, which replaced a 16GB one that fell from the docking station last Christmas and won't come back on. I have avoided syncing the new one with iTunes since getting it because I don't want to lose all of the pictures I had on the [More]
I have had many problems since updating iphoto including losing all my albums. The latest one i have is that there are two duplicates of many photos, one of high quality and one of poorer quality. Is the poorer quality one the thumbnail that has been [More]