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Z77a g43 cannot enter bios


Z77A-G43 and latest bios, stable bios or beta bios?

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I`m about to update my BIOS, Currently using ver 2.3, for my Z77A-G43, as official latest release on MSI website 2.8 version seems a bit outdated looking at BIOS versions released in here, what BIOS should I go with? Or would official 2.8 be the safe[More]

Z77A-G43 2.13 bios problem

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Hello. Latest BIOS v2.13 has a strange problem with UEFI boot. It's create own entires at every boot, activate it and deactivate my own boot entire(0 - Kernel). And now I can't select boot entire from BIOS GUI. I can only boot via EFI Shell and manua[More]

970A-G43 - cannot enter bios setup | SPLIT

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I am having 100% the exact same issue. MSI 970A-G43 AMD FX 4300 FX 4-CORE 3.8GHx, 8 MB Total Cache 2x Patriot Memory Viper PV38G160C9KBL PD000305 DDR3 1600 MHZ 8GB 1.5V MSI Radeon HD5450 Pcie 1GB DDR3 HDmi Dvi VGA I have a toshiba SSD and a OEM optic[More]

Z77A-G43 cant access BIOS with USB keyboard

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Hello guys, I`ve been running into a bit of trouble. It seems that I can no longer access the UEFI / BIOS menu at boot time by means of DEL key. Even though my USB keyboard is powered and lighten up, the motherboard won`t take input from it. I can`t[More]

Z77A-G43 USB Plug problems [HELP]

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Board: MSI Z77A-G43 LGA 1150 Bios: Version 04.06.05 VGA: GIGABYTE 660GTX PSU: Dazumba 230Vac 50Hz 6A Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3330 CPU @ 3.00GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.0GHz MEM: 6144 MB RAM HDD : SATA 1TB OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Hello i got a probl[More]

Z77A-G43 Bios Update for Windows 8

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Hi, I am building a pc with the Z77A-G43 and will be running windows 8. Will i be required to update the bios and should i do this before installing the operating system or after? ThanksUpdate the bios first. Then format the Drive using diskpart to G[More]

Msi z77a-g43 bios code b4 black screen

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Hi, i have this mainboard update to day with bios 2.12 and this card reader, coolbox cr600v2. Well, the problem is that when i turn on the system i have black screen bios with code b4, any solution?won't boot with the card reader Board: MSI Z77A-G43[More]

Z77A-G43 Issue - Bios not working

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Dear Forum, I have a quite strange issue with my brand new system. Specs first: MSi Z77A-G43 BIOS 2.2/2.3, i5 3570K, Win7 Professional 64 bit G.Skill Value Series 8GB DDR3-1333 Kit be quiet! Straight Power E9 580 Watt CM Gigabyte GeForce GTX560 Ti OC[More]

Z77a g43 BIOS problem

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Hi all, I have a problem with the BIOS on my Z77a g43 motherboard. First of all here are the system specs. Cpu- i5 3570K Motherboard- z77a g43 RAM- 8GB Kingston hyperX 1600MHz PSU- Enermax 850w 80+ bronze SSD- 120GB vertex plus HDD- seagate 500GB GPU[More]

Z77A-G43 login loop after Live update BIOS to V25.1

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Hi, Z77A-G43 windows login loop after Live update BIOS to V25.1 I'm able to see the BIOS menu. But when i continue to login to windows, it loops. i would like to know on how to proceed on this. I tried safemode and i was able to login. I cannot find[More]

Z77A-G43 and Core i5 2500K and BIOS 2.4, should i update to newer BIOS?

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Hello, I have this working config. without any issue: Z77A-G43 Core i5 2500K 2x4Gb GSKILL RipJaw @ 1600 ASUS 7870 PSU Corsair 750W My current BIOS version is 2.4. I've seen that the latest BIOS for Z77A-G43 is 2.8. Should i update to the latest versi[More]

Problem with Z77A-G43 After bios updating

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Hi guys I purchased my main a week ago, the bus of my rams are 1600 but main detect it 1333. So i updated my bios of 2.7 to 2.10 with live update 5, after the updating progress finished my pc restarted, it doest give any picture and after 20 sec reas[More]

MSI Z77A-G43 - extreme memory profile problem

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Hello everyone, I'd really appreciate a piece of help here. I've bought the MSI motherboard MSI Z77A-G43 and currently I'm having problems with my memory (slots 1 and 3). My PC has following specs: -   MSI Z77A-G43 -   Intel Core i5 2500K (not overcl[More]

Z77A-G43 USB troubles.

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Hi there, This week I did a build for one of my clients for wich I used a Z77A-G43 board and I'm having trouble with most of it's USB ports. Planned for the build was an Asus P8Z77 WS board for this workstation, but since my supplier couldn't deliver[More]

Z77a-G43 dual channeling problem

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Hello, I know some other people also had similar issues, but I couldn't find a solution. I was trying to see if the components were working before installing everything in the case, and I have a problem with my mobo Z77a-G43. If I plug my two piece r[More]

Z77A-G43 restart problem

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I have a similar problem with my Z77A-G43 board, though it doesn't seem to be connected to rebooting (warm starting) or powering up (cold starting) the system. Sometimes there won't be a POST beep, or the system won't pass the BIOS POST for a very lo[More]

Z77a g43 boot issues

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We'll start with specs z77a-g43 motherboard 560 gforce video card kingwin mach 1 psu wd caviar black 1tb hdd kingston 4gb ddr3 ram x2 razer mouse and keyboard and then I don't remember the exact cpu but it's an i7 @ 3.4 I having issues with the syste[More]

Z77A-G43 Memory Timings Messed Up

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I'm having trouble with the memory on my computer, and eventually after some searching, I found out that the timings are off (11-11-11-28 instead of 9-9-9-24). I don't know how to change the timings, and I've looked around on the internet for a while[More]

Z77A-G43 OC 4.3 with power saving work, thanks xmad

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Z77A-G43 OC 4.3 with power saving work , Thanks xmad Goes up @ 4.3GHz on full load, then come down to 1.6GHz idle( perfect)  try with prime95 about a hour, temperature when up to 71c then between 58-65c Set all to auto, then enter the cpu features. S[More]

Pci-e 3.0 not showing..Only PCI-e 2.0...I7 3770k and GTX 660 TI-Z77a-G43

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I am hoping this is an easy one for all of you....I just built another Msi Board...Board in the title.... I enabled Pci-e 3 in Bios-before I even installed the operating after all the updates...all the drivers....100% ready for retail..[More]

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