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Hello, an hour ago my adobe cloud stopped working. Whenever i try to use a program it asks me sign in. I enter my info but they it load for 15-20 minutes without anything to happen. When try to open the Creative Cloud Manager it shows black window an [More]
Hi I have the following decimal format parameters: SQL> select value 2 from v$nls_parameters 3 where parameter = 'NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS'; VALUE If I show a number with decimal I get a comma as the decimal separator SQL> select 10/100 from dual; 10/ [More]
I know you guys will think this stupid but ..... I have iCal as a start-up item. The old version would start-up and stay on the desktop. The new version quickly closes though the app is still running. I didnt want to fiddle with the "Plist" for [More]
Hi there,  Deskjet 2540, nearly two months old,  serial number (Personal information removed) When scanned, the image has lots of yellow lines..It got worse recently. Wondering what could be the reason and how to sort this out.. I am on Mac X. MNHi @ [More]
Hi everybody, I have a very simple question: how can i resize an animated gif using JIMI? what i can do now is open the gif resize it and save it as a jpeg pic, but the animation dosen't normally remain. i want to save it as a gif thus the animation [More]
I was trying to update iTunes so I could download the iOS 5 for my phone and iPad when I got the blue screen of death. After I restarted my computer, my devices wouldn't sync with my iTunes at all. I uninstalled iTunes thinking I could just start ove [More]
When swiping through the slide show from a photo album, pictures are displayed instantly despite the size or dimensions of the picture. However, when I display a picture in my app it takes about 1 second per megabyte to load. Why is that?  Is an imag [More]
I've recently upgraded 3 work stations and I've come across a compatibility issue with the Windows Server connected via smb. The 2 new machines, an Intel iMac i7 and a Mac Pro Xeon Tower, both shipped with OSX 10.8. When they are connected to the Win [More]
Hi, the communication between HP eprint and Google Cloud Print seems to be broken. At least for me. The documents do get printed when I print vio Chrome browser or Cloud Print dashboard -- but the status in cloud print remains as "submitted". It [More]
I am getting the following error when I try to open a document in a share point site. <label class="WACErrorId" id="errorId">Error Id: 97a28734-b3b5-4887-86e5-7c4a648e0f37, 20150206110146</label> Please assist on why this i [More]