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I have a large file that I need to export to a bitmap format and I am experiencing unknown "IMer" errors, memory and file size limitations. The file contains only one artboard of size around 8000 pixels by 6000 pixels. I can successfully export [More]
I have had my iPhone for a few months now and have only been able to hook up my phone to my husband's (far inferior) laptop. Whenever I hook my phone up to my Sony Vaio desktop I get a blue screen crash and the whole system starts rebooting. Does any [More]
Hi Friends, I have a APEX page made with APEX_ITEM. I created the below process [which will run on a Button Click]. my issue is : Process completes with out updating the Database showing the Process Success Message. I do not see any errors. I checked [More]
Firefox 3.6 and 5 does not ask to save tabs, or does not open the tabs I had on reboot of computerI think it was the default with 3.6 to ask you at end of session if you wanted to save tabs, possibly you got your settings changed along the line. It i [More]
How does composition work? Can someone explain it to me ,some example for me would be better.Composition and Aggregation are two important UML Concepts. Both of them are associations. They explain how one object is related to another object. So lets [More]
I have the following table EX_ID EX_NAME EX_SURNAME EX_FLAG 1 TOM JONES Y 1 JIM SLIM N 1 BO SELECTA Y 2 AIRES BEARS N 2 JIM DAVIES Y 3 PAUL BALL N 3 YOU KNOW N I need to create a query that only displays one of the ex_id's, it doesn't matter which on [More]
Folks, Currently my client is using traditional Branch Accounting functionality in their bespoke legacy system. Where there are transfers between branches, e.g. transfers of funds or payment of expenses on behalf of another branch, an intermediate/cl [More]
a want to save an object gatin from java and save it into my list in c code my probleme is when a call getobject more than one times it return null (in the first one it return the last object saved) i dont understand why this is my methods to add obj [More]
in this tutorial : there is written: "Clicchiamo 2 volte sul livello della scritta Andiamo su Modifica-----> traccia": We click 2 times on the level of written ----- Let's go to Edit> Stroke ho [More]
Hi, I extracted a slice of HFM data (input level) from an interface (extract HFM to SQL) successfully. However, when I tried to load same extracted data (no modification) back to HFM with another interface (load SQL to HFM), it failed. We're using OD [More]