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Dear all after the upgrade to 4.01 my iphone stop to operate the phone and the contacts app when i open phone or contacts the app close(crash) after 1 sec. When i connect to the mac i have the following message from itunes: "iTunes could not sync to [More]
I deauthorized all my old computers to make it so my sister and I could get ITunes on our new computers, I authorized my computer now and i will authorize hers tomorrow but its not showing my past purchages on itunes in my library. How do I get my ol [More]
is it possible to print a year planner with ical or even look at one i am new to ical and would like some help any ideas regards kevUnfortunately the year view is an often requested feature but is still unrealised in iCal. It's not possible at this t [More]
hello iam trying to create a sale order with respect to order BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2. the parameters i am passing is *Fill the header information for the order. wa_order_header_in-doc_type = Sales Doc type of order to be created. wa_order_hea [More]
hello. i have a class where i'm (for the first time) using for-each 1.5 mechanism. here is a subset of the class. class MyClass   java.util.ArrayList<OtherClass> myOwnList;   public MyClass()      myOwnList = new ArrayList();    public java.util.Ite [More]
Web pages only partially load and images sometimes don't appear at all.  They will frequently be empty boxes with a question mark inside. Any idea what I can do? Thank youWeb pages only partially load and images sometimes don't appear at all.  They w [More]
Hi.. i'm using PL/PDF, i have run some examples that are some stored procedures of, but i don't know how can i call the PDF that i have keep on my DB to the html page in APEX, like attach or in the page... Somebody can help me?Here is t [More]
Every time i try downloading creative cloud it pops up error code 205 i have no idea why cany someone please help?Hi, Same problem, here is the log file : 06/02/14 21:03:20:182 | [INFO] |  |  |  |  |  |  | 3220 | *******************start of Download* [More]
I bought books, using ibooks on my iphone 5 IOS 6.0.2, i am trying to sync them to ibooks on my ipad 3 IOS 6.0.1. They appear in ibooks but tell me that i have to download them, when i go into purchase books it tells me they are downloading but just [More]
just found my phone after it being lost for a month and dont remember the passcode what do i doMaybe call Apple Corp/Security.................. Presumably you can prove you are the Owner...Read other 2 answers [More]