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I've had my Z10 for about a week and am trying to set it up. I am trying, and failing, to replace an Android device with this phone. I used the easy setup for "Email, calendar, and contacts" to link the phone to my gmail/google account. That acc [More]
How do you allocate multiple reconciliation account to a particular vendorHi, As you othres said you can maintain any number of reconciliation accounts for one reconciliation accounts but it is also have own limits. mainly at the time of doing MIRO y [More]
Hi All, i have 2 reports A and B from e-fashion db. Breport is having prompt on CIty and report is having State. And i tried to open B report from A through the opendocument link it is saying "canot open link" message is displayed. Please check [More]
Can we have same vendor code for two different company codes ?Yes u can use same code of vendor in different company code only u will have to extend this vendor code to other company code in xk01 this is possible as number range is set on vendoe Acco [More]
I replaced dead hd in laptop HP pavilion entertainment (vista), PN: KN854UA#ABA, S/N CNF8161SB2 I'm trying to install recovery HP total care on new hd. getting  this error message when I get to the part of the recovery disc that says "reformatting wi [More]
Hi everyone, we are trying to deploy a SQL cluster into a windows azure pack tenant cloud. Our azure pack environment contains: - 4X Hyper-V server in a failover cluster - 1X SCVMM server - multiple WAP server Steps we have done: -    Windows failove [More]
Hi All, How to view Customization Table changes and DAta  table base changes in a report , Is it right transactions: SCU3 or RSVTPROT Also plz let me know the concept of audit trial, Thanks SDHi, Changes to master data objects must be captured for th [More]
Hi and thanx in advance for your help. Premiere Pro CS5. Windows 7 Pro 16 GB RAM lots of disk space.  Premiere It is patched with all patches except the latest Facebook synch patch.  This started a month ago.  It may be related to the number of Timel [More]
I have a text entry field on my page. The user is to click the ? key. When they do this, I need to validate on key entry NOT on an ENTER or a TAB. ? is not an available shortcut key. Is there a way to make this work? I could even do an "any key" [More]
I would appreciate some advice, or comment, on what I perceive is "Find my Mac" not working. I use a Mac Mini (late 2009) to run my home media; it on 7/24, connected to a drobo drive and is running the latest Mac OX X Lion. I did a complete eras [More]