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I uploaded a video from a flashdrive to my Mac and it compressed the video to lower quality and shrunk it in size. How do I get it to the original size?

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I uploaded a video from a flashdrive to my Mac and it compressed the video to lower quality and shrunk it in size. How do I get it to the original size?It changed the Aspect ratio of the video, as if it had been shot on a phone instead of a camera. W[More]

Headset & Video Volume Problem

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Phone operates like the ear buds are plugged in when it isn't.  Texts & email notifications vibrate instead of sound notifications.  Video volume slider only appears when the headset is actually plugged in.  How do we fix this?Hi RetiringSoon, (I'm j[More]

My iphone 4 music and videos volumes are not working

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Please my iphone 4 music and videos volume is not workingAll you really have to do for that is to just either buy both a new charger headphones. What model iPhone do you have?Read other 2 answers[More]

Volume of video playback low

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Videos I take with my iPad 2 replay with very low volume. How do I increase the recorded volume?Hi hermannfrombondorf, That is interesting, have you tried adjusting the volume while listening to your voicemails? If you have, take a look at the articl[More]

Video volume defaults to MAX. How do I set it lower

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FF 3.x or FF 4.0 seem to do the same thing. If I go to a site that has videos and play a video it is always at max volume not the volume set in the mixer control panel of W7click option --> applications --> find mailto --> choose gmail hope that[More]

Katy Perry's "E.T." Video Volume Too Low

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This is even after adjusting the video's properties and putting the volume to +100%. When viewing the video the volume indicator in Windows displays a green bar... that green bar never moves above 1/8th of the volume available even when the volume sl[More]

Z10 video volume too low

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On my Z10 I can barely hear videos when I play them back.  The master volume setting is to the max and the toggle volume on the side of the phone is maxed out as well, yet videos play back at barely a whisper.  How do I correct this? Hey ninepointer,[More]

Sound recorder playback volume low ?

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I have a dv6000 notebook , for the first time ever I tried recording sound using windows movie maker  to add ''narration'' but the playback volume is very low . I tried the windows '' sound recorder '' and got the same result . I've been through all[More]

Why is the audio of MSNBC, YouTube and other site videos very low when using Firefox?

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For several weeks now, when I view videos from, and other videos from other sites, the audio is so low....I can hardly hear it. But when I view the same videos using Google Chrome, the audio is very good. == URL of affected[More]

Cannot adjust preset video volume on my iPod

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I have a brand-new fifth generation 30gb iPod, with the most recent version of iTunes. I'm a decently experienced user of this software (I had an iPod Mini for 18 months) and finally I found something that just won't budge despite my attempts. I boug[More]

IPod Video Volume Bug

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Hello everybody I have a problem with the volume for music videos. if I play them and move the volume up to maximum then the volume is much lower, if I do the same with audio files. funny is, when is choose maximum volume and stop the video and play[More]

Hp 15 r014tx, Left speaker volume low?

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Hi I have HP 15 R014TX and when I plays music I feels like left speaker volume is low than the right one. It is same when playing games, playing videos too. Is the speaker is complaint or is it because of the DTS audio ?Hey, If you've completed the d[More]

Audio volume low

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Could domeone help me with audio recorded in QT directly from the video camera? The audio volume of the .mov file is very low although it's turned to maximum. When the same clip is uploaded from camera to Final Cut Pro the volume of audio is normal.[More]

Iphone 3gs video volume

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i have just bought a 3gs iphone.i dont know much about is feature. my question is, when i make video it doesnot record volume. i come to know about it when i play video it plays video only no sound comes out. please advise what i am doing wrong or is[More]

Bluetooth volume low with new ios4 update

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I can hardly hear the notifications on my Bluetooth now. It's at normal volume when I send a message but if I recive a email or text the volume is very low yet I have all volumes up all the way. Is there a new Bluetooth volume I have to turn up with[More]

Itunes Volume Low

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Itunes 7.4, 7.4.1 Volume has decreased by 50% Restarted, reset permissions, disabled all external plug ins( Volume logic etc) still no volume????Hello there Frank! Just a few suggestions: Select a track, TV Show... basically anything that can be play[More]

Audio volume low when computer wakes from sleep - os x yosemite

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I've been having an issue ever since I upgraded to OS X Yosemite, where the audio volume coming out of my external speakers is extremely low after I wake my computer up from sleep.  The only resolution I have found is restarting the computer.  Once I[More]

Ring volume low & people cant hear me very well even on speaker???

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Howdy, I have a iphone 4 version 4.3.5 (not sure how to find operating system..) I am having problems with the volume. The incoming call ring is really low, I have increased it to max in the settings with no luck and people are finding it hard to hea[More]

Final rendering of video is low quality and too bright

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Here is the link to my original video clip, the video clip in the project, and the final rendered copy all on my monitor at the same time: Here is the text of each[More]

Reciever volume low

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my reciever volume has been to low to use up to my ear for the past three months or so. speaker phone just isnt cutting it anymmore either. any ideas, its barely above a whisper.Hey Lowss97, Welcome to Apple Support Communities! Trying out the follow[More]

Hello Gurus,         I have create inclusive free good condition record with following data,          material : t-atc01          customer: t-s62a01          sales area: 1000/10/00          all free good determination data has been defined        so [More]
Hi all, I have a tables in the oracle database where the number of records in the table is huge ie 6 years of data,due to which when i generate the report the retrieval of data is slow. How to increase the performance,so that the report can be genera [More]
Time Machine appears to be doing back-ups, but they do not appear on the external hard drive. The last one I can find is June 30.  I did a utility scan of the hard drive disk and it is fine. What do I do?Click the Time Machine icon in the menu bar. T [More]
Consultation, (SAP R3 4.6 Ext) If I make an export of oracle 9.2 on HP platform, I can make an  import to oracle 10.2 on Linux platform? Someone could make a similar migration? Regards.> If I make an export of oracle 9.2 on HP platform, I can make an [More]
Hi all... I tried my best to glean answers from existing posts, but alas could not, so I am posting my blurb in hopes that someone can just point me in the right direction. Problem: Since upgrading to iWeb '09, I can't publish to either my .mac space [More]
Using CM, I am unable to successfully configure 7961G phone while selecting 7961G. If I select Standard 7961 instead of 7961G the configuration is successful. I have in CM device defaults the correct loads for 7961G. While selecting 7961G, the phone [More]
I recently bought a new i-pod 3rd gen and used my USB cable for the i-pod classic 80 GB which seemed to be working fine.But after when I tried to use the original USB cable for the i-pod nano it wouldn't connect to the i-pod. Does anyone know whether [More]
This may not seem like a big deal, but after a few days it is becoming quite annoying. Every time I close iTunes, it opens itself again. It will keep doing it a few times (usually 3 or 4) and then it will stop. I DO NOT have an iPod, so it cannot be [More]
Hi We have created many Physical Inventory Document in MI31 Exported to Excel To enter the count details we want to use MI34, but system is asking for logical file. Do we need to create any logical files for these? How to update by mass the count det [More]
Hi experts, I have an issue with regards to liveCache in APO and I hope someone can help me. Whenever I try to create a Planning Version within a Model (via transaction /SAPAPO/MVM) the following error message is provided: "General error in model / v [More]