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Subtle Mac Humor in Finder "Cover Flow" View

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Has anyone else noticed this? When I use the "Cover Flow" view mode when looking for other computers on my office network via the Finder, the Macs on the network are displayed as the newest anodized aluminum iMacs. The PCs are shown as drab beig

Has anyone else noticed this?
When I use the "Cover Flow" view mode when looking for other computers on my office network via the Finder, the Macs on the network are displayed as the newest anodized aluminum iMacs.
The PCs are shown as drab beige CRT monitors, with MicroSoft's "Blue Screen of Death" message on the monitors.
Someone at Apple has a wicked sense of humor.
Gotta love it!

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It happens... See for more.

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Subtle Mac Humor in Finder "Cover Flow" View

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Has anyone else noticed this? When I use the "Cover Flow" view mode when looking for other computers on my office network via the Finder, the Macs on the network are displayed as the newest anodized aluminum iMacs. The PCs are shown as drab beig[More]

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