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Summation problem in fox formula

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Hi friends, My requirement is....I have GL Account, PO Number, Vender, costcenter  Scroll number and amount is displaying in layout. I have one more field let say TotalAmount. in this field i have populate sum of GL and PO Combination... I have write

Hi friends,
My requirement is....I have GL Account, PO Number, Vender, costcenter  Scroll number and amount is displaying in layout.
I have one more field let say TotalAmount. in this field i have populate sum of GL and PO Combination...
I have writen code in fox. Keeping GL Account, PO Number and amount in chaged fields..
SUM = 0.
As it is not giving me Accurate result....
Itried in debug mode...and in trace is picking total cube values like GL Account, PO Number, Vender, costcenter  Scroll number  and summing up...But i want GL Account, PO Number wise.....
One more thing if i remove GL Account, PO Number  from changed proposing for changed field...

The replay answer
Thanks for response...
UR right....Please suggest me...the variables i have created on PO and GL should have which properties like
Text Replacement - Characteristic Value.
Replacement Type - User Defined right.
Question 1 . should i restrict these variables in level or not. if  not so i have to remove PO and GL in changed fields and call variables in Fox right.
Question 2. IF so what about my layout...
or else please give a example if i create  variables for both..what exactly i have to do after that to effect the result values..

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Hi friends, My requirement is....I have GL Account, PO Number, Vender, costcenter  Scroll number and amount is displaying in layout. I have one more field let say TotalAmount. in this field i have populate sum of GL and PO Combination... I have write[More]

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