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hai everybody when ever i m trying to maintain record for tax type mwst it is giving an error called "tax code in taxinj is invalid" can anybody guide where i have to search to fix this and maintain taxes for my docs thank you so muchYour error

hai everybody
when ever i m trying to maintain record for tax type mwst
it is giving an error called "tax code in taxinj is invalid"
can anybody guide where i have to search to fix this and maintain taxes for my docs
thank you so much

The replay answer
Your error seems to be because of wrong Taxcode.
Maintain taxcode as output tax in FTXP and retry your process.
As you said, you are using TAXINJ tax procedure, then you need to maintain the percentage also in FTXP
And also, please check transaction OBCN, check what tax code is assigned to company code for output and ensure that same is maintained for your TAX PROCEDURE TAXINJ under CIN customization for '"Maintain Excise Defaults".
If you are intended to work with multiple tax code with different GL accounts then, check the rules in tcode OB40 and tick the tax code box and save. Thereafter assign the relevant tax code to the GL account.
Thanks & Regards

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