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There is a question about encode String

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hello i find a question when i decode java program at linux(redhat 7.3 Valhalla) and J2SDK 1.4.1_02. when i want to encode a String from GB2312 to UTF-16BE, the String used CJK and alpha bet mixed. the String length is error and can not convert succe

i find a question when i decode java program at linux(redhat 7.3 Valhalla) and J2SDK 1.4.1_02.
when i want to encode a String from GB2312 to UTF-16BE, the String used CJK and alpha bet mixed. the String length is error and can not convert success!
from API documents, the string length when count the CJK character ,2 bytes count to 1,but there is 2! for example ,when i encode a CJK character to a UTF-16BE,when the string length is 1.then in the UTF-16BE should be 1,but there is not 1 but 2!!!:(
by the way ,when my code run at windows2000,it's right!! no error!
to everyone:what should i do ? is it a bug in j2sdk1.4.1_02?

The replay answer
There are multiple 16-bit Unicode encodings, i.e.,
with/without BOM (byte order mark).
Try these at a time, or confirm the unicode encoding used on an OS by the following.

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There is a question about encode String

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hello i find a question when i decode java program at linux(redhat 7.3 Valhalla) and J2SDK 1.4.1_02. when i want to encode a String from GB2312 to UTF-16BE, the String used CJK and alpha bet mixed. the String length is error and can not convert succe[More]

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