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Titlebar-Icon not showing

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Hello Java World I can load the Icon, but it will not be shown in the titlebar. I load that icon from local hdd. I show my JFrame like this: getJFrame1().setvisible(true); // and private javax.swing.JFrame getJFrame1() {      if (ivjJFrame1 == null)

Hello Java World
I can load the Icon, but it will not be shown in the titlebar. I load that icon from local hdd.
I show my JFrame like this:
// and
private javax.swing.JFrame getJFrame1() {
     if (ivjJFrame1 == null) {
          try {
               ivjJFrame1 = new javax.swing.JFrame();
               ivjJFrame1.setBounds(106, 109, 530, 240);
               //get new imageIcon
                                      ImageIcon image = new ImageIcon("J:/bmp/bmp/act.bmp");
               ivjJFrame1.setTitle("my TabTest");
          } catch (java.lang.Throwable ivjExc) {
     return ivjJFrame1;
}Any help out there ?
Everythings works fine, but no Icon to be seen.
The Icons size is 1K reported from w2k.
Tanks Hanns

The replay answer
If You are using backslashes then You have to replace one "\" with "\\" because \ is an escape sequence and expects a legal char as next.
So using slashes will be allright wiht all systems
public ImageIcon(String filename)
Creates an ImageIcon from the specified file. The image will be preloaded by using MediaTracker to monitor the loading state of the image. The specified String can be a file name or a file path. When specifying a path, use the Internet-standard forward-slash ("/") as a separator. For example, specify:
new ImageIcon("images/myImage.gif")
(The string is converted to an URL, so the forward-slash works on all systems.)
filename - a String specifying a filename or path

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