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Hi I have a report where i need to have a subtotal by page, without grouping a field. I've made a manual running total for this but it's not working... Sometimes it counts an item ahead sometimes an item less this is my layout for instance 2 pages: p

I have a report where i need to have a subtotal by page, without grouping a field. I've made a manual running total for this but it's not working... Sometimes it counts an item ahead sometimes an item less
this is my layout for instance 2 pages:
page header:
Subtotal value: 0
item1  100u20AC
item2  300u20AC
page footer:
Value for next page: 400u20AC
page header:
Subtotal value: 400u20AC
item3   50u20AC
page footer:
value for next page: 450u20AC
page header:
Subtotal Value: 450u20AC
.... and so on
it works great when in my detail i don't have any text or so but if an item description is big and passes to other page, subtotals become all wrong...
If anyone can help thanks

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Use WhileReadingRecords

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