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Trouble using an N96 with CK-7W

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Hi All, I have just updated my phone from N95 to an N96, I now find that I'm having trouble with some calls giving the other person an echo. (not all calls) The other problem is the sound goes all pixilated (if thats the right word) every few minnute

Hi All,
I have just updated my phone from N95 to an N96, I now find that I'm having trouble with some calls giving the other person an echo. (not all calls)
The other problem is the sound goes all pixilated (if thats the right word) every few minnutes for 5 - 10 seconds.
I;m aware that some non Nokia phones have the echo problem with the CK7, but it is usually all the time, I seem to have an intermitant problem, and sometimes hanging up and redialing the call fixes the problem.
The kit is quite a few years old, and I have used it successfuly with 6230, 6230i (both wired and BT and N95 with a Carcomm cradle and problem only surfaced with N96.
I have my eye on the CK-15, but would like to fix comatability problems with CK-7 to utillise it in my wifes car.

The replay answer
The software on the N96 is still pretty early with updates coming quite regularly.
You can update the software on the phone using software updater which is attached to pcsuite.
With regards to a new kit, the Ck-15W is being replaced by the CK-600 shortly, however the CK-300 or CK-100 might be a better option for you unless you really want a separate display.

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Trouble using an N96 with CK-7W

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Hi All, I have just updated my phone from N95 to an N96, I now find that I'm having trouble with some calls giving the other person an echo. (not all calls) The other problem is the sound goes all pixilated (if thats the right word) every few minnute[More]

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