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Unable to find BP properties

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Hi i am trying to create Business Patrner using DIAPI. How can i set the following properties? Field                   Tab Alias Name              General Unified Federal Tax ID  General Holidays                Payment Terms Title                   C

Hi i am trying to create Business Patrner using DIAPI.
How can i set the following properties?
Field                   Tab
Alias Name              General
Unified Federal Tax ID  General
Holidays                Payment Terms
Title                   Contact Person
Type for WT Report      Accounting - Tax
WT Tax Category         Accounting - Tax
I am using SBO 2004B.

The replay answer
Hi Ramus,
I am using SBO 2004B, but i have Title field in contact person.
Hi Vanesa,
There is a Federal Tax ID field and a Unified Federal Tax ID field. I think the one you are refering to is for Federal Tax ID field.

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