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Unable to run a Batch File Operating System Command

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Using XI 3.0, I am unable to run a Batch File Operating System Command After Message Processing. My Batch file: gpg -se -r BOA3RSKY --armor --passphrase-fd 0 %1 < C:\Progra~1\GNU\GnuPG\gpgin My Command Line (ID scenario) exec "cmd.exe /c C:\Progra

Using XI 3.0, I am unable to run a Batch File Operating System Command After Message Processing.
My Batch file:
gpg -se -r BOA3RSKY --armor --passphrase-fd 0 %1 < C:\Progra~1\GNU\GnuPG\gpgin
My Command Line (ID scenario)
exec "cmd.exe /c C:\Progra~1\GNU\GnuPG\boagpg.bat %F"
If I execute
exec "cmd.exe /c type C:\Progra~1\GNU\GnuPG\boagpg.bat >xis.txt"
It displays the contents of boagpg.bat file in xis.txt.
I just don't understand why when I run the batch file, I would expect an %F.asc encrypted file in the same directory as the %F unencrypted file.
Any ideas?
or will I need Basis to create commands that will allow me to run GPG from XI Command Line?

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