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Hi, Material master, BOM and routing are created. The material is assigned in three routings. I want to change the Base Unit of measure. so deleted BOM and routing (all group assignments). But unable to change the UoM. No stocks. POs, orders or whate

Material master, BOM and routing are created. The material is assigned in three routings.
I want to change the Base Unit of measure.
so deleted BOM and routing (all group assignments).
But unable to change the UoM.
No stocks. POs, orders or whatever in the system for this material.
Is it possible to change UoM? System is giving me the following error.
"Routings already exist."
I have checked in MAPL.
The routings are with deletion indicator set for them.
Thanks and Regards,

The replay answer
Dear Raghu,
You need to archive the routings Via CA98
once done with CA98
Then check the result

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