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Upgrade issue

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Hi Experts, I am upgrading my system to EHP5. While running phase MAIN_SHDRUN/ACT_UPG the upgrade stops and does not proceeds further. Below are the logs generated: >> 2011/02/09 08:44:24  START OF PHASE MAIN_SHDRUN/ACT_UPG running G:\EHPI\abap\exe\

Hi Experts,
I am upgrading my system to EHP5. While running phase MAIN_SHDRUN/ACT_UPG the upgrade stops and does not proceeds further. Below are the logs generated:
>> 2011/02/09 08:44:24  START OF PHASE MAIN_SHDRUN/ACT_UPG
running G:\EHPI\abap\exe\tp.exe pf=G:\EHPI\abap\bin\SHADOW.TPP checkimpdp RE2
>>>> Repository modifications <<<<
You must now include your repository modifications in the new SAP import.
6 modified objects are found to be adjusted and 0 objects are automatically
maintained by import of an adjustment transport bound to this procedure.
CAUTION: It is impossible to keep these modifications after you have
confirmed this query!
If you want to adjust your repository, please proceed as follows:
Logon to the shadow instance as user DDIC in client 000 on server
    mb3ap1023 instance: 01
Set the System Change option with transaction SE06.
Create users for modification adjustment by copying user DDIC with
    transaction SU01.
Logon to the shadow instance as ordinary user and make adjustments with
    transaction SPDD. Refer to the manual for further information.
01)  *  Adjustments made, continue with procedure
02)  -  Continue without adjustments
03)  -  Exit this program
: Adjustments made, continue with procedure
Collecting adjustments ...
Collection done - creating cofile ...
running G:\EHPI\abap\exe\tp.exe pf=G:\EHPI\abap\bin\ACTUPG.TPP put RE2
=> Received signal Ctrl C from keyboard and exited at 20110209220536
Got interrupt. When you restart SAPehpi all currently running subprocesses
will be checked. It is strongly recommended to wait for
these processes (which is the default behaviour).
The above logs say that while upgrading it recieved ctrl C. Now I dont know how it received ctrl C. Also it always stops at 22:05 pm only.
Please help in resolving the above issue.

The replay answer
My Upgrade has again got stucked in Pre- Processing step, in MAIN_SHDRUN/ACT_UPG phase.
The error which I am getting is :
DSU Execution error:
Unable to execute the SDT request ABAP operation pre-execute on hostname mb3ap1023 instance 00 Pre-Uptime execution of the ABAP upgrade request ABAP has failed Error from unit observer Tool connector failed with FATAL ERROR: Missing id in line ' "15228" SFX;20110219203107;20110220033916;"Another SAPehpi (started first)";"SAPehpi":dw' . Connection to SAPup could not be established, see following messages. Could not connect to host mb3ap1023 on port 4240. Connection refused: connect Connection refused: connect
Please help me in resolving the above issue.

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