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Url connections

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When I try to open a connection calling the CONNECTION method of the URlConnection class, it doesn't work and stucks until trhowing a TimeOut Exception. It doesn't matter which URL I try to connect to, it never works. I get an URlConnection object by

When I try to open a connection calling the CONNECTION method of the URlConnection class, it doesn't work and stucks until trhowing a TimeOut Exception. It doesn't matter which URL I try to connect to, it never works. I get an URlConnection object by invoking the "openConnection" method of an URL object. Can someone suggest me a solution?

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My internet connection works properly, even though it has some limitations, since I have to pass through my company firewall for accessing internet sites. For example, I cannot open Ftp connections with external Ftp servers.
I think that connections to external sites should be treated in the same way, even if they're made by the browser or bye Java applications. Am I right or not? And could you suggest me a way to check it, please?
Thank you anyway ofr your suggestion.

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