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Using Numbers to sort terms rather than figures or numbers

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Hi folks, I am new to numbers and need a hand. I have a large table of data including company names, expertise, sector experience etc. I am trying to write a formula so that colleagues can check boxes in 2 smaller tables (expertise and sector experie

Hi folks,
I am new to numbers and need a hand. I have a large table of data including company names, expertise, sector experience etc. I am trying to write a formula so that colleagues can check boxes in 2 smaller tables (expertise and sector experience) to produce a list of all the companies that operate in those spaces and then contact them. So, in table 1, I have headings -
Company Name
Company Registration Number
Company Contact
Contact Telephone
Contact Email
Capability Statement
Turnover for last 3 years
Insurance Levels
Sector Experience
GB Geographical Experience
Non UK Geographical Experience
Main sector focus
Reference Projects
Other Points of Interest
in table 2, I have check boxes and "sector experience" (all the terms from the same column in table 1 e.g. airports, rail, healthcare and so on)
in table 3, I have check boxes and main sector focus (again, all the terms from column of same name in table 1 e.g. civil engineering, fit out, concrete etc.)
What I would like to happen is, if a colleague checks boxes in tables 2 and 3, table 4 will pull company names and contact details through to the 4th table using info from table 1.
1st off, is this do-able and if so how do I go about doing it?

The replay answer
I would add the two tables as you described AND add two columns to your main table, then use the "Reorganize Panel" to filter the list.
To set this up add the two table for the check boxes:
I gave these table names:
- "Sector Experience"
- "Main Sector Focus"
then added some of the names you provided and set the second column to be formatted as check boxes
Then I added a new column in the main table (highlighted light green) titling those columns the same name with "Filter" at the end
Now enter the formula:
C2=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(B2,Sector Experience :: A:B, 2, 0), "")
select C2 and fill down as needed (I reordered the columns for viewing convenience... move the columns as needed later)
E2=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(D2,Main Sector Focus :: A:B, 2, 0), "")
select E2 and fill down as needed
Now enter names in the vaious columns and check some boxes, then select the main table and open the reorganize panel by selecting the menu item "Table > Show Reorganize Panel":

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