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Variant's values are too long.

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Hi. I'm using the FM "RS_VARIANT_CONTENTS" to get a certain Varinat's values. The problem is that in the Variant I need there is a path field of 128chars long, and the VALUTAB of the FM only allows 45chars. I Called SAP OSS but they cannot help

I'm using the FM "RS_VARIANT_CONTENTS" to get a certain Varinat's values.
The problem is that in the Variant I need there is a path field of 128chars long, and the VALUTAB of the FM only allows 45chars.
I Called SAP OSS but they cannot help me since this FM is not released, so they assume no liability.
Any help will be appreciated.

The replay answer
use logical path/filename (TA: FILE)
instead of real path or make your own
customer table to create short variables

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