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VC does not start on Windows 2003

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Hi, I have applied the note 804496 (registry changes + IIS changes, etc.) which should enable VC to start on a Windows 2003 / IIS 6.0 system. But I still get the error : "Fatal Error: No Visual Composer Server was found at specified address (Error re

I have applied the note 804496 (registry changes + IIS changes, etc.) which should enable VC to start on a Windows 2003 / IIS 6.0 system. But I still get the error :
"Fatal Error:
No Visual Composer Server was found at specified address
(Error reading server parameters in url:bin/gm1433030.asp)"
I also installed Adobe SVG 3.0 on the server as some suggested in another thread.
Do you have any ideas?
Thanks in advance,

The replay answer
Hi David,
I had a similiar problem but have now got it working.
There are two other things to try:
1) check note 772559 which contains the Visual composer Analyzer.  This will test and fix any problems it finds.
2) Look at the Visual composer installation guide which was released this week.  It seems to have some extra configration steps which aren't included in OSS note 804496.  the path is ->NW04->Installations->SAP VC.
In my case I originally succeeded in installing VC6.0sp2, which worked.  Upon re-booting it no longer woked and gave the same error as yours now does.  I eventually ran the unistaller (which hangs, so you have to keep trashing it until it is completely uninstalled).  And the re-installing it.  And fingers crossed it has worked successfully ever since.
Hope that was some help

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