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Very low sound volume after update

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Hello, Yesterday before logging off I updated the kernel from to sucessfully. Today I log in and notice that there's no sound coming from my speakers or headphones. So I pull the volume sliders to max and notice that sound works

Yesterday before logging off I updated the kernel from to sucessfully. Today I log in and notice that there's no sound coming from my speakers or headphones. So I pull the volume sliders to max and notice that sound works but is output with an extremely low volume. I checked alsamixer for muted channels but there wasn't, but some channels disappeared from there (front, surround, center...) but PCM and master were at max.
I switched phonon backends (KDE user) but no result. Anyways non-kde/phonon apps have the same issue.
Downgrading kernel version to makes sound volume back to normal.
My Audio device (integrated) is : nVidia Corporation MCP61 High Definition Audio (rev a2), ruled by the snd_hda_intel module.
I never had sound/alsa issues since I am on Linux, so I'm noobish concerning this. Is there any idea(s) to make it work properly in the kernel ?
Thanks in advance.

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Almost the same here: Intel HDA audio, no speaker sound with but I get sound in my headphones (front output.)
Downgrading to (or 2.6.32-lts) makes speakers work again.
I tried to blacklist snd_hda_codec_hdmi thinking that maybe sound was being output to HDMI, but that didn't change anything (besides snd_hda_codec_hdmi not being loaded, of course.)
I also compared the sound modules list between and but they are the same.
I also ran "sudo alsactl store" to get rid of the errors at boot but that didn't help either, except removing the errors. (I unfortunately didn't log these errors, it was alsactl complaining about the contents of the asound.state file...)
Edit: -> asound.state... :-\
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