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Very Urgent - Problem in showing JPopupMenu using 1.4 plugin

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Hello , I have a very different problem with JPopupMenu. I have developed a new PopupMenu extending the MetalComboPopup used by the MetalComboBoxUI. I have registered with the JPopupMenu for the callback methods popupMenuWillBecomeVisible && Invis

Hello ,
I have a very different problem with JPopupMenu. I have developed a new PopupMenu extending the MetalComboPopup used by the MetalComboBoxUI. I have registered with the JPopupMenu for the callback methods popupMenuWillBecomeVisible && Invisible(). I have an applet which instantiates (3 instances) my JComboBox. When I run the applet using the JDK1.4 plugin, when I click the second JComboBox, the first and the second JComboBox's popups appear at the same time. I am unable to suppress the popup (i.e Only one popup should appear at a time).
Can anybody help me out in this issue.
If you have a solution you can email to me -> [email protected] /
[email protected]
Thankx in advance,

The replay answer
Did you try changing the driver then?
Please use Oracle's thin driver instead of the oci driver.
There are many advantages of using the type 4 driver. the first and foremost being that it does not require oracle client side software on your machine. Therefore no enteries to be made in tnsnames.ora
The thin driver is available in a jar called the class which implements the thin driver is oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
the connection string is
jdbc:oracle:thin:@<machine name>:1521:<sid>
please try out with the thin driver and let me know.

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Very Urgent - Problem in showing JPopupMenu using 1.4 plugin

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