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Virtual private database and cascade delete

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We can't secure rows deleted by cascade delete by vpd. User "A" have right to delete row "1" but don't have right to delete row "2". If user "A" delete row "1", database will delete also row "2"

We can't secure rows deleted by cascade delete by vpd.
User "A" have right to delete row "1" but don't have right to delete row "2".
If user "A" delete row "1", database will delete also row "2" by cascade delete.
Why it is possible to delete row "2"?

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Either of the two options (a policy that queries the base table or propagating the security columns to the child tables) should work.
My preference from a data model standpoint would be to have a policy that queries the base table so that the security information can be maintained in exactly one place. But if your application is frequently querying the child tables without reference to the parent table, joining to the parent table, particularly if data volumes are such that an IN would be less than ideal, there may be performance issues to this approach.
Copying the columns creates a potential data integrity problem-- if you change the security on a base table row, you may forget to change the security on all the child records. But that issue may not be significant if the security is essentially static once the rows are created. And it's definitely easier to tune.
You may also want to create views that join the parent and child tables and grant users access to these views rather than to the child tables directly, which would allow you to have a single policy on the base table and get most of the benefits of the first option with less performance problems if data volumes make an IN less than ideal.

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