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What is a classpath and where is it?

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hi... i am writing a program that requires me to include some directories in the classpath...but i don't where the classpath is..and how do i input the names of the directories...or do i run from it..actually i don' know a thing about classpaths..but

i am writing a program that requires me to include some directories in the classpath...but i don't where the classpath is..and how do i input the names of the directories...or do i run from it..actually i don' know a thing about classpaths..but i have to know in order for my program to run properly..thanks...

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A classpath is an environment property which allows the JVM to locate classes so that it can load them (to run).
in a windows environment, u can type "set classpath=..." where ... is the directories containing your class files.
For more information, do a search on "setting classpath". I believe many other users had similar problems with classpaths

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