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What is Ram used for

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Ok, I know ram means random access memory. But what is the initial use of ram? My friend said it was used for "loading videos" or "downloading stuff." I honestly don't think that's right. I've seen people boost their ram and applicatio

Ok, I know ram means random access memory. But what is the initial use of ram? My friend said it was used for "loading videos" or "downloading stuff." I honestly don't think that's right. I've seen people boost their ram and applications (like garageband) will run a lot smoother and load a lot faster.

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Hey GDF, I can make it even simpler.
RAM is like a car gas tank. Storage= hard disk drive= gas station.
If you have a 10 gallon gas tank, you are going to have to stop and fill up more often, causing your cross country trip to take longer. So if you car gets 30 miles to the gallon, and you are going 3,000, you will need to stop at least 10 times, just to fill up.
Take that same car, with the same MPG rating of 30MPG, but now you have a 20 gallon tank. 20 gallons times 30MPG = 600 miles between stops. 3,000 mile trip only requires 5 stops to fill up.
Yes... very over simplified.

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