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What is the relation between Smart Card and Java Programming?

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Kindly ingnore the message as this is just a test message by Mihir MehtaNothing.....Pls ignore.....just testing the ForumRead other 3 answers

Kindly ingnore the message as this is just a test message by Mihir Mehta

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Nothing.....Pls ignore.....just testing the Forum

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What is the relation between Smart Card and Java Programming?

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Kindly ingnore the message as this is just a test message by Mihir MehtaNothing.....Pls ignore.....just testing the ForumRead other 3 answers[More]

Can  i use SLE4428 smart card with java card developmentkit 2.1.2

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Can i use SLE4428 smart card with java card developmentkit 2.1.2 plz replyNo. SLE4428 is memory card and not Java Card.Read other 2 answers[More]

Smart Card and  Java Card (URGENT)

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Dear everyone. I have purchased a card reader (which is supposed to be java card compatible). I have 2 problems. 1. I just wonder if i can use a Smart Card generally available. Do i need to have a special card for Java Card?? 2. Can i use card kit to[More]

XML Signatures using Smart Cards

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Hello guys, I know this is not exactly a javacard topic, but I think this forum is where I 'll get the best replies. We need to perform XML document signatures and verification using smart card stored certificates. The certificates are created using[More]

Certificates and smart cards

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Is it possible to store a certificate on a smart card using Java card technology? All I want to do is write the bytes to the card and read the bytes from it. I don't want anything per sey to execute on the card. Is this possible?Yes, you can operate[More]

Smart Card on Elevated Permissions

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I'm setting up a QA Web server on a virtual server and having trouble with the Smart Card (this is in order to upgrade from Win03 to Win12 in production). I've been able to bypass the log on with no issue. I've disabled UAC down to the registry level[More]

Remotely login error on windows server 2003 using gemalto smart card

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I am getting this error when trying to log on windows server 2003 remotely using smartcard. We have our own CA. We are able to successfully logon on windows server 2008 using same card.Hi, Base on my research, Event 537 indicates that a logon attempt[More]

Transferring Files from Triton Le (via Smart card) into Logic pro 9

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I'm trying to get original material from my triton Le smart card into Logic pro 9. I've looked at a couple forums and tried different ways. I know i can do it track by track/ real time audio, but would prefer having it as midi, as i've found cutting[More]

Smart Card login screen authentication

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Apple don't seem to have updated their documentation on this subject since way back in the Mac OS X Tiger days! I would like to have a setup where a user can walk up to a Mac (which is at the login screen), wave an RFID card over a reader connected t[More]

Issues regarding Smart Card login inside domain and on SmartPhones

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Hi i am planning to implemnt at my domain login ONLY with smartcard i saw i have some option how to do it , one with GPO that covers all the computers (or some computers with defined groups) or i can check the "smart card is  required ...." this[More]

Compression with Java/Smart Cards

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I am a Software Development Student. I am currently researching the area of data ZIP compression in conjunction with Java/Smart cards. Just wondering if anyone has come across a similar project and if so where? Thanks.We can't deal with real compress[More]

My customer service department is entering sales orders and have to create new "ship to" addresses on a regular basis.  They open a new sales order, enter the BP Code for the bill to customer and then use teh golden arrow to enter BP Master data [More]
i transfered my itunes (version 9) from an old pc to a new pc with windows 7. all the music transfered fine, but it didn't transfer my playlists. is there a way to do that? thank you!File -> Library -> Export PlaylistRead other 2 answers [More]
Dear Experts, When I post an inbound delivery created for a PO item with confirmation control (0004) - Shipping notification, No material document is created. In the document flow I see Completion of service is created and no PO History Update follow [More]
Hi. I have an iMac with OS X Snow Leopard. I am going to give it away, but want to give a clean manchine, with OS X Lion Installed. If I update the OS X to Lion, it does not give me the option to restart to factory settings (I have done this in anoth [More]
Hello Apple Support. My 13" Mid 2012 MacBook Pro (Running OSX Mavericks)  is having some odd issues recently. I have 2 USB 3.0 hubs. One of them works perfectly fine, the other doesn't work at all. I've plugged everything from mice to USBS's, but the [More]
Hi, We are using CUA that connected to about 100 child systems. Right now CUA system is configured in such a way that for a perticular user who has access for 40 child systems if his profile updated only for one system it generates IDOC for all 40 sy [More]
Suddenly, when I select an anchor point with my direct selection tool, I can't move to the precise point where I want. The point seems to jump to a random spot. I've looked at my preferences, and can't find anything that I may have done to start this [More]
Any help with my topic question Plz?Thanks for replying. I have tried contacting them twice. I have not received any communication from them on both the occasions .. The same message occurred when I tried to purchase with my credit card. I had mailed [More]
Can somebody please explain to me or point me to some actual documentation on how this junk works? I have a web service client that was generated from a wsdl file being used by my studio creator project... the web service has changed and now i need t [More]
HI NEED HELP do u know any  FM or CONVERSION EXIT which remove thousand separator from quantity field. Eg. 1,234,567.11 SHOULD be displayed as 1234567.11Hi Chetanpatil. Try this: If your quantity has thousand separator as comma: translate lv_quantity [More]