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I'm unable to re-join my network. I just switched from DSL to cable. For the DSL, my iMac was the "main" computer. Now that I have wireless cable, I can't get my formerly "main" iMac to detect the base station or the established networ

I'm unable to re-join my network. I just switched from DSL to cable. For the DSL, my iMac was the "main" computer. Now that I have wireless cable, I can't get my formerly "main" iMac to detect the base station or the established network. The base station doesn't appear in the Admin Utility, and the network doesn't appear in the Setup Assistant.
It's not a problem with my provider or with the Express; the other computers in the network are receiving the wifi signal normally.
I would appreciate any help.

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Problem solved. It was as simple as unplugging the express and plugging it back in while the iMac in question was left running. It recognized the signal immediately after the Express light turned green. Go figure.

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