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Why can't I use face time on my iPad when it's all turned on

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I have always been able to use face time on my iPad mini but it won't let me now, please help?Try reset all settings Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings Note: Data will not be affected but settings will be reset.Read other 2 answers

I have always been able to use face time on my iPad mini but it won't let me now, please help?

The replay answer
Try reset all settings
Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings
Note: Data will not be affected but settings will be reset.

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AIO Remote

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Can you tell me why I can use HP e-print on my Ipad but my C4385 is not compatible with AIO remote. My Ipad has no problem finding and printing on my C4385 using HP e-print. However AIO can not find my printer. Every other scan and print app that I h[More]

Cannot send email from iPad2 with Shaw

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Hi there, I have issues that I cannot seem to resolve: I can receive from my shaw account but it sends all outgoing to the Outbox - I've double, triple cheked all incoming and outgoing servers - I even sat with my iPad next to my iMac to make sure ev[More]

How can multiple family members use one account?

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My children have iphones, ipads, ipods and mac books, my problem is how do you use home sharing with the devices and not get each others data.  My Husband just added his iphone to the account and got all of my daughters contacts.  I understand they c[More]

How do multiple family members use iTunes.? One account or multiple?

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Is there a way of getting a "schedule view" in iCal on a mac and on iPad in the same way you can get one on iPhone?

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IS there a way to get a schedule view of events on a busy day in iCal on the iPad 2 Air and on the Macbook Pro?  I can get this view on an iPhone.I am paranoid that some untrusted technician is going to make a copy of my music (11,000 tracks) or shar[More]

How can I Migrate/Split itunes/icloud account for a large family now that they have family sharing

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Ok, now that Apple has finally come out with family sharing I need to get things sorted out and I think it is going to be a mess. I have 6 family members (my spouse and 4 children) all sharing/using one itunes account. For parental reasons this made[More]

How can i get music to another account?

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I had another account with apple with was [email protected] but i had to give that one to my boyfriend cause i gave him my old my ipad and he didnt have a email account so i let him use that one which i had bought so ablums on that account and i had[More]

How can a family share an iPad, specifically, using email? Seperate account

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I know, you can have multiple email accounts. i have 3 on my iphone 4. But if my wife, daughter, and I all use the ipad. Can you set up email to ask for what account to load? Again, i know you can switch after the fact. I am trying to avoid the scena[More]

Multiple Family Members using a MAC

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Hello, Can someone give me an overview of how family members all use 1 MAC and ICloud so that each person gets their own "stuff"?  For example, I would like to get my calendar, my songs, my contacts, my apps synced with my devices--iphone and ip[More]

How can I setup a mail-specific passcode/restriction on iPad used by multiple family members?

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How can I setup a mail-specific passcode/restriction on iPad used by multiple family members? Have an Exchange mail account setup and accessible in my mail on iPad... however my kids use it and i would like to restrict them from accessing this specif[More]

How do I use one account to share purchases with my family

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I have an iPod, iPad, and my 2 kids each have an iPod. My oldest now has his own apple I'd so he can iMessage and FaceTime friends. How do I link his to the rest of ours so that we can still share our apps and music purchases? I had previously set up[More]

hii I'm facing trouble while running some jsp page . the error is as follows: HTTP Status 500 - type Exception report message description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request. exception org.apache [More]
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hey, thanks for your attention first, i have read alot on this topic before i have a post of my own. but none have come to a solution to my problem. so here it is, i'm using a MicrosoftXP OS, and i see the name of the file as 相逢(2chinese characters), [More]
Good Afternoon, I purchased a Macbook Air as a hold over until I could get a Macbook Pro.  Unfortunately some things have come up and I am going to have to wait a little longer than anticipated before buying the Macbook Pro.  Since I initially intend [More]
I'm trying to use airplay to play a browser based player over airplay speakers. I can do this with my iPhone but i can't figure out how to do it on Macbook. Please helpAirPlay is only compatible with AirPort base stations. The dongle is not compatibl [More]
Hi I am sorry if this is a simple question, I am new to PE and video editing I have just purchased PE9 and working on a small project to put togather a family movie. The vide sources is from a Panasonic DMC-FZ28 camera, and looking at the file proper [More]