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Windows XP displaying Blue screen of death!

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I just bought an iPod Classic last week and installed iTunes and have had nothing but problems since day 1. The software *****, it ***** up my processor, freezes, and suddenly started crashing my system. i'm getting the BSoD and I am NOT on

I just bought an iPod Classic last week and installed iTunes and have had nothing but problems since day 1. The software *****, it ***** up my processor, freezes, and suddenly started crashing my system. i'm getting the BSoD and I am NOT on Vista. I am running XP Pro. Now I'm getting windows popping up saying that my computer can't find vital system files. This all started when I installed iTunes 8. PLEASE HELP! I backed up all of my important information onto an external hard drive because I am scared to lose my data because of this crashing. It seemed to start happening after i cleared my library out a few times because it was uploading 2 versions of some songs because my playlists were store in My Music. I moved the playlists and tried to resync my 3,000+ song library and my computer got the BSoD. I got one error the first time that said KernelStack_InpageError. So I rebooted, cleared my library, then set it to reload my music library into iTunes. Worked ok, then started to resync my iPod and it crashed again. It seems to keep happening when I try to sync a large number of songs at once, so I tried doing 1-2 letters of the alphabet at a time, which worked for a while, syncing 1-300 songs at once. Then my computer crashed for maybe the third or fourth time when syncing the S's. I'm sick and tired of this blue screen and my computer crashing and I don't want to be afraid of losing my data or my laptop. I'd really appreciate ANY help anyone can offer me.
Extra specs:
iPod Classic black
about 99/120GB free (nowhere near being full)
both iPod and iTunes running the most up-to-date software
If you need any other info, let me know
last few times I tried to sync, iTunes malfunctioned and had to close

The replay answer
I have a similar problem, except I can't even get to a command prompt or any sort of stopping point b/c my computer keeps restarting after it hits the BSOD. My usb-based keyboard can't stop the process either for some reason, so I can't get into the bios or the safe mode. I can't do squat except watch the blue screen over and over until I just unplug the **** thing and swear a lot. This all started happening right after the reboot following the install of iTunes8, so I gather this is the culprit (and, besides, a ton of folks out there seem to have the same problem). I don't even have an iPod or iPhone, so it's not that synching issue. If this is a way to get people to throw out their Windows PCs in frustration to buy Macs, then that's just a really malicious move. The only other way I see it is that this is another terrible deployment of an iTunes software update for windows, so what happened to reliable beta testing? Either way it ***** ***** *****. Can I just have my computer back please?!
Any tips on how to break the cycle when the keyboard doesn't function; and then how to resolve the BSOD issue after that? I miss my turntable.

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Windows XP displaying Blue screen of death!

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I just bought an iPod Classic last week and installed iTunes and have had nothing but problems since day 1. The software *****, it ***** up my processor, freezes, and suddenly started crashing my system. i'm getting the BSoD and I am NOT on[More]

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