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Wireless Bridge by Aironet 3700i

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I'd like to connect two network by using two Aironet 3700i APs like NW1 -- AP1 -- AP2 -- NW2 I want to confirm that this is possible by simply setting AP1 = Root Bridge and AP2 = Non-Root Bridge. I also want to confirm that this is possible even when

I'd like to connect two network by using two Aironet 3700i APs like
NW1 -- AP1 -- AP2 -- NW2
I want to confirm that this is possible by simply setting AP1 = Root Bridge and AP2 = Non-Root Bridge.
I also want to confirm that this is possible even when AP2&NW2 are moving and connect to AP1 temporarily.  

The replay answer
When you configure AP2 as workgroup bridge, then it will act as a wireless client. So it will associate to any normal AP (other AP no need to be the root bridge). Also you can modify the roaming behaviour so it will roam to different AP like any other client when moving.You can refer this to configuration options available on this
You can configure multiple vlan with WGB & you can refer below for that
If it is does not require that sort of roaming & always you will align with AP1 then you can configure it as Root Bridge & Non-Root-Bridge. Here is a reference configs for a wireless bridge
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I'd like to connect two network by using two Aironet 3700i APs like NW1 -- AP1 -- AP2 -- NW2 I want to confirm that this is possible by simply setting AP1 = Root Bridge and AP2 = Non-Root Bridge. I also want to confirm that this is possible even when[More]

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