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Wireless drop-outs

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I recently downgraded all three of my Intel mac's to Tiger (from Leopard) they are now all 10.4.10. With 10.5.0/5.1/5.2 the macbook pro and macbook were completely unusable as they would not connect for more than a few seconds. The mac mini would sti

I recently downgraded all three of my Intel mac's to Tiger (from Leopard) they are now all 10.4.10.
With 10.5.0/5.1/5.2 the macbook pro and macbook were completely unusable as they would not connect for more than a few seconds. The mac mini would still connect but the network performance was horrendous (as expected) and it would drop out several times an hour.
Now that all three machines are back on Tiger, the two laptops connections are flawless but the mac mini continued to drop out, but much less frequently. Network performance was still poor although not as poor. something I had experienced for months before I 'upgraded'.
I then threw away my airport extreme base station and set up a Belkin N1 router. I now have fast reliable connections to all my machines. I have only had one drop out on my mac mini and it reconnected strait away.
My questions are these:
Is it safe to install 10.4.11 or is that still essentially broken as I experienced before my three month leopard ordeal?
Are there any updates post 10.4.11 that I can't have unless I install 4.11 that would make it worth the risk?
All these leopard airport fixes that are promised/have recently come out are any of them compatible with Tiger, and are any of them in fact airport card firmware?
When do you think it's going to be safe to go back? Personally I don't see myself doing the 'upgrade' this year now.
Any help/comments much appreciated. No fan boys slating me please, believe me I wish it had 'just worked'

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Curious that, but not the first person to have dropouts, but I don't on 10.4.11, but most of my 10.4.11 Wifis are not Apple Airport cards. The problem seems worst on IntelMacs.
I'd try 10.4.11 on the Mini with a Permission Fix & reboot both before & after the update.
Just some Security, QT, iTunes & such updates... not sure if they work with earlier versions.

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