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Workflow Question w.r.t. one large WMV file....

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Hi.. (noob question) I have a 1 hour WMV file that needs to be edited. I successfully import the video using the flip4mac qt plugin. What is the work flow best practice for editing a file like this? My first thought was to drag the complete file into

Hi.. (noob question)
I have a 1 hour WMV file that needs to be edited. I successfully import the video using the flip4mac qt plugin.
What is the work flow best practice for editing a file like this?
My first thought was to drag the complete file into the timeline and start chopping it up because I can take advantage of the graphical timeline (video and audio) and make my edits. But it comes in un-rendered.
My next thought is to render the whole thing but that will take time.
I am now thinking that I can bring it into the viewer window and then make multiple IN/OUT points and then bring them into the canvas/timeline, but again, they are un-rendered.
Also, It would be good to be able to graphically see the viewer video/audio timeline like I do the canvas... how do I do that?
Can you point me to the proper place in the doc or within this forum or just your own experience?

The replay answer
Well I was just adding onto Jim's response...
But if we take it back to the beginning - you'll likely need to transcode your original WMV to something that is more "FCP friendly". Something like DV, DVCPRO50, ProRes, whatever is best for your needs. You'll need to make that decision.
To get there: you could open the original WMV in QT, or Compressor and transcode it. Be sure to change the audio to 48K. Drop this newly created movie into FCP and edit away. Then when you're done, if you need to create another WMV, I'd spit out a self-contained QT movie with the same settings as your sequence. Then drop this final output back into Compressor to make the deliverable WMV.
My original point was simply that the "full" version of flip4mac makes the WMV export settings available inside Compressor.

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