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XDP data import in Acrobat 9

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I've written some Java code that builds an XDP file that is then used to populate the data in a PDF which is received from a server.<br /><br />The generated XDP file opens up correctly in Acrobat 7 with the data populated. But when I try to o

I've written some Java code that builds an XDP file that is then used to populate the data in a PDF which is received from a server.<br /><br />The generated XDP file opens up correctly in Acrobat 7 with the data populated. But when I try to open the same XDP file using Acrobat 9 or Reader 9 the PDF opens without the data from the XDP file. We have this working in both 7 and 9 when we use FDF but our preference would be to use XDP since the XML formatting works with some of our other tools.<br /><br />Is there a reason that FDF would work but XDP would not in Acrobat 9?<br /><br />A sample of some contents that are failing for me (this sample is not pointing to a PDF on a server but the results are the same for a locally stored PDF)<br /><br /><?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><br /><?xfa generator='AdobeDesigner_V7.0' APIVersion='2.2.4333.0'?><br /><xdp:xdp xmlns:xdp=''><br />     <xfa:datasets xmlns:xfa=''><br />          <xfa:data><br />               <test><br />                    <Title>Homer</Title><br />                    <text2>testing</text2><br />               </test><br />          </xfa:data><br />     </xfa:datasets><br /><pdf  href="file:///C:/PDFTest/quick.pdf" xmlns='' /><br /></xdp:xdp><br /><br />Is there something I'm missing here? Is this behavior expected?<br /><br />Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.<br /><br />Thanks

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Thanks for the info Leonard.
I'm not sure I understand "stand-alone app". Are you saying to drag the PDF to the browser? How do I get the data in XDP to then merge with it?
The problem is that the XDP, when using href to load PDF from web server, will always open up in default browser. No way around that. Unfortunately, the PDF can only be loaded this way - it won't be sitting on the desktop with the XDP.
Right now, our web-based application on the server is dynamically generating the XDP based on a selected source PDF template, then sending the XDP to the client. The goal is to allow client to open XDP, which requests the PDF through href and merges the data to template - and client can then make changes (if needed) and save it as PDF from there. A one-step approach as it were.
Bascially, is above workflow no longer viable with Acrobat 9? Could you elaborate about the fix as it would apply to above workflow?

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