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help !! i am also having a problem similar to your and just about everyone elses on here. I just purchased a zen microphoto for xmas a month ago and it has been a nightmare . it has worked for about a month perfectly then it ceased to be recognized b

help !! i am also having a problem similar to your and just about everyone elses on here. I just purchased a zen microphoto for xmas a month ago and it has been a nightmare . it has worked for about a month perfectly then it ceased to be recognized by? my Alienware area 5 desktop system which previously recognized it fine. I took all of the steps and scanned all of the forums then realized that after uninstalling my windows media player and rolling back to 0 it began to be recognized again. well then surprisingly and maybe not so much so after looking at so many of the post of these forums. Well I have taken so many steps to try to get my ZEN MICRO PHOTO to once again become recognized by my computer? and yet again all efforts have been fruitless. I reformated my ZEN MICROPHOTO?and now when i plug it in a small window pops up at the bottom stating that the USB DEVICE IS NOT RECOGNIZED . I then cannot upload new firmware and can in fact do absolutely nothing but gaze at the player which boots up then fades to black while my pc sees my player as an unknown usb device. I even reformated the pc for the sake of the player , cutting off the nose despite the face in other words and still no dice. I have windows xp service pack 2 , all updates and bios up to date. My pc is only 2 years old and have a lexmark printer? a mouse and a keyboard attched to it , none of which create conflict. Even after reformatting my pc i made sure my player was one of the first peripherial devices connected and all to no avail. I think this is a disgrace that such a compnay as CREATIVE cannot put foward a quality product. Does anyone out there have any solid suggestions on how to fix this proiblem if so they would be gretaly apprecaited. ThanksEdward

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vacantmind: You might also want to make sure that you get the latest drivers and software as follows:
. Creative Zen and Jukebox Driver Upgrade version .30.03
2. Creative MediaSource Player/Organizer 3.30.2
3. Creative Zen and NOMAD Jukebox plugin 2.00.9 for Creative MediaSource
Install . then connect the player to the PC. Then install 2. and 3. (the player must be connected for 2. to verify you have a Creative product).
Also an important test is to install the drivers and software on another PC, say a friend's, and see whether you have the problem. If you don't, then the issue is with your PC, or a compatibility issue with the player. If you do, then there's something wrong with the cable or player.

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help !! i am also having a problem similar to your and just about everyone elses on here. I just purchased a zen microphoto for xmas a month ago and it has been a nightmare . it has worked for about a month perfectly then it ceased to be recognized b[More]

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I have ZEN Sleek Photo which i use for about a week now. Today I connected the player to the computer and got "USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED" window in Win XP and the Zen Photo froze. Disconnected it, reset it using a pin, then turn it on and it's &[More]

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Device automatically goes into Recovery Mode when turned on. Tried the clean up and format features, followed by reboot. Still nothing. ?When connected via USB, Device not recognized in Media Explorer. Tried to reload firmware, but getting error mess[More]

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Hi all, I had a MPIO 20 gb MP3 player wich was stolen. No biggy, I took advantage of it and upgraded to a Nomad Jukebox Zen Extra 30gb. It look and feel nice and the navigation seems really easy. Where it gets more difficult is the "simple" plug[More]

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<font face="Garamond">i just got a warfedale cd player which is supposed to be able to play music from mp3s or usb device but when i plug in my zen micro photo via usb to the front, it just charges and doesn't play. it does work on my brot[More]

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Xp couldnt find driver to install for Creative Zen micro photo 8gb. I have P4 Xp sp2 USB .. It works fine with other. But when i connect zen Micro Photo 8GB it says "Unknow device creative zen micro photo" the player doesnt come with any driver.[More]

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